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Benefits of Soda Syrup | Sodasirup4You

Benefits of Syrup
There are numerous benefits of drinking syrups. They also considered a
better alternative of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. They are
available in different flavours like Mirinda sirup, mountain dew
sirup on Sodasirup4you.
Here is the list of benefits of Sirup
1. Antioxidant properties
According to the research, there is a considerable antioxidant difference
found between natural sweeteners and refined sugar products like corn
syrup and white sugar. Corn syrup, average nectar, refined sugar has very
low antioxidant quantity whereas maple syrup, molasses syrup, and raw
honey have the maximum antioxidant property.
You can shift to different syrup-like Mirinda or maple from the
sweetener. According to the Pharmaceutical Journal, maple syrup has
great antioxidant properties. It has almost 24 types of antioxidants. The
antioxidants are available in the form of phenolic compounds and are
beneficial to reduce free radical stimulation which causes inflammation
and another chronic disease. If you want to buy one go for the darker,
grade B maple as they are full of antioxidants. Check out Sodasirup4you
to buy one.
Antioxidants found in maple syrup are gallic acid, benzoic acid, and
cinnamic acid. Some antioxidants are available in high concentrations
and some are low. A perfect replacement for sugar or sweetener in your
daily diet.
2. Low Glycaemic Index
Refined sugar and refined carbohydrates are rapidly metabolized by the
liver and result in high sugar and sugar crashes. It gets worse when you
consume too much sugar frequently. It raises your blood sugar and
insulin level which lowers the insulin response. This creates problems in
managing blood glucose and develops high diabetic problems.
However, too much sugar consumption in any form develops harmful
diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases. All types of
sweeteners should be consumed in less amount as sugar is really
dangerous for human health. To control diabetes, avoid consumption of
refined sugar and include maple syrup in low quantities.
3. Lower Inflammatory Diseases
The concentration of antioxidants like polyphenol is considered healthy
and helps to fight numerous diseases like heart disease, arthritis, and
inflammatory bowel disease. Also, the plant compounds of maple reduce
oxidative stress stimulation and slow down aging and enhance
4. Lower Chances of Cancer
According to scientific research, sugar also plays a vital role in the cause
of cancer, but maple syrup is not that harmful. The maple syrups
antioxidants protect DNA damage and mutation. Maple syrup won’t
completely reduce the chances of cancer but it is much better than
refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.
5. Improves Skin Health
Many people use maple syrup on their skin like raw honey. Maple syrup
reduces redness, blemishes, dryness, and skin inflammation. You can
apply raw milk or yogurt, rolled oats, and raw honey mixture on your
skin as a mask. This mask hydrates skin reduces irritation and kills
6. Improves Digestion
Eating refined sugar or artificial sweetener causes diseases like candida,
IBS, leaky gut syndrome, and digestion disorders. However, you can
save yourself from heal leaky gut and autoimmune disorders by replacing
refined sugar with better sweeteners like maple syrup.
Artificial sweeteners cause bloating gas, indigestion, constipation, and
cramps. To keep your digestive system healthy, avoid sweeteners in your
diet. You can go for natural sweetener or maple syrup to maintain the
sweetness in diet and life.
7. Constitute Vitamins and Minerals
Maple syrup contains zinc, manganese, potassium, and calcium in high
amounts. Zinc improves immunity as it keeps your white blood cell
counts high, manganese improves fat and carbohydrate metabolism,
calcium absorbs blood sugar regulation and nerve function.
8. Healthy Alternative To Sugar
If you are using sweeteners like refined sugar, Splenda, sucralose, agave,
or aspartame, switch it with better sweetener. Artificial sweeteners might
be calorie-free but can increase numerous health issues like weight gain,
fatigue, anxiety, depression, short-term memory loss, and many more.
These sweeteners can make your existing illness worse and also don’t
really help to reduce weight. Moreover, these sweeteners are addictive
and used in diet food and diet foods.
Maple syrups are healthy and don’t really create such health problems. It
also satisfies your hunger as it has a natural taste. Artificial sweeteners
are used in junk food, to increase your cravings and hunger which is
dangerous for your health.
9. Improves antibiotic effects
Antibiotics are the quick solution to illness. But according to the latest
research along with bacteria, sometimes antibodies also target the healthy
cells which can create superbugs and there will be no effect of antibiotics
in the long run. Never overuse antibiotics too much.
According to one expert, when they did research on maple syrup they
found more antibacterial stimulation like ciprofloxacin or carbenicillin in
the syrup as compared to other antibiotics. Or you can say maple syrups
boost the antibiotic properties. It extracted the permeability of bacteria
and helped the antibiotics to enter into the bacterial cells.
Maple syrup has a number of healthy properties to provide us a healthy
life. It can be a great choice for sugar or artificial sweetener replacement.
However, refined sugar and artificial sweetener are not healthy for the
human body. There are multiple alternative options available to replace
the harmful sugar from the healthy natural sweeteners. Also, it is
advisable to use natural sweeteners in low amounts. You can buy
flavoured sweeteners like Mirinda light sirup and mountain dew light
sirup from Sodasirup4you. They are served with high-quality syrups.
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