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8 Top Reasons why charm is New Normal Solution

8 Top Reasons why
Electronic Marshalling should
be your PCS (DCS/PLC) *
Technology Standard in this
“New Normal” Era
By Fantoni
• Intended for non power plant users
• PCS refer to DCS/PLC
• Most of us hope that the COVIID-19 outbreak will end within
months and things will go back to normal, in fact, many
aspect of our society may never return to normal
• The Covid 19 outbreak have disrupted almost all business
• Mobilization limitation, as mostly cities / regencies formally
enforces large-scale social restriction
• Social distancing policy force 40-50% workforce is not
available to perform their function on site.
• Government have state that country must be ready for “a new
normal” condition
• This presentation intended to give an ideas what is technology that available in the
Process Control Systems (PCS) – non power plant, that can support companies to
give flexibility and continued resiliency into short and long term strategizing
• This presentation also will give an ideas that Companies must be ready for limited
resource available in the site, which mix between experience and non experience
• This presentation also want to share about Advanced Feature that available in PCS
that suitable implement in this “New Normal” condition
• This paper can give ideas to any Systems Designers, FEED Contractors, Instrument
Engineers, Project Managers, Plant Managers about how to get the upmost
performance of PCS by implementing of Electronic Marshalling Technology
Solution Philosophy
• To support plant operational, it was required PCS that easy to use, easy to maintenance,
truly open technology, easy to monitor, easy to troubleshooting
• To support plant performance it was required PCS that have embedded Asset Management
Systems (AMS) to help field device troubleshooting
• PCS must be have generic solution for Mobile Worker, remote desktop, remote monitoring
• PCS must be reliable by providing redundancy on Controller, Power Supply, All IO’s, Control
Network and implementing peer to peer architecture.
• PCS must comply with ISA Secure SSA Level 1 Certification and IEC 62443, to give optimum
performance for cyber security
• PCS must provide easy support on project execution with minimum resource that required
in the field.
Electronic Marshalling *
24V DC Field Power Injection
96 Channel I/O card
Always redundant for all
A/D converter with character
(CHARM - characterization module)
Hidden digital bus
provides field power and digital
electronic marshalling
Multi-core wiring
Junction Box
* Electronic Marshallling is refer to Emerson Technology
• Any CHARM in any channel
• Any CHARM to any controller forgiving
mistakes and late changes
• The CHARM provides:
• Signal Characterization
• Field wiring Disconnect
• Circuit protection
• Current limiting
• Internal resettable fuse
• Clear LED Status and Fault indicators
• CHARMs are hot swappable
• Provides channel to channel separation
• Space Saving, almost empty Systems
First Reason : Plug and Play Capability
Plug and Play Capability means The ability of hardware equipment to automatically identify
itself to the system. When the equipment is powered up it is automatically assigned a unique
identity without the need to set any dip switches.
This feature very useful when we want to replace the broken charm or broken IO or
broken controller, what you need to make sure is only the same type, and pull out the
broken card, and plug in the new card, and they system will automatically detect.
This feature make Electronic Marshalling very easy to maintenance, no need to have
special knowledge to do routine maintenance, all is automatically
Requirement to have expert on site can be minimized, as remote support would be enough
for most of situation
Second Reason :
Peer to Peer Architecture
Established Direct Communication between Node (Workstation /
Controller )
Loss of workstation does not impact other nodes – workstation can
back up to each other
Communications optimized to reduce network loading
This feature make PCS architecture is simple and easy to maintenance as
there is no server between workstation and controller
Third Reason : Embedded AMS
Asset Management Systems should be “Must Have Capability”
for current situation
All Electronic Marshalling IO have supported Hart and have
embedded Basic AMS Capability as standard functionality
All Charms have self diagnostic capability
This feature would be very useful to support troubleshooting
that related to field devices
Fourth Reason : Redundant IO
Increase reliability by providing redundant for all IO’s
Each charm will act as a fuse to protect adjacent
Hot swap replacement
This feature would increase the reliability and would
be easy during maintenance plant
Fifth Reason : Device Auto Sensing
Devices are identified by the device tag
The wiring or channel position is no longer relevant for device
identification purposes. It does not matter if the device was pre-tagged
by the vendor or tagged on site before mechanical completion
As long as Hart Devices, Devices can be auto sensing from each channel
This feature would make device troubleshooting, device replacement would be
easy to be done using Electronic Marshalling
Sixth Reason :
Assigned to Different Controller
Any I/O type in any slot
Unit A
In the same IO, each channel can be assign to up to 4 different
Design is simplified. Late Changes Easily Accommodated
This is awesome feature of Electronic Marshalling, by using this feature,
controller loading would be easily maintained and any changing on IO would
be easily accommodated
Seventh Reason : Native Mobile Capability
Know Your Process Health On-Demand
•View real-time data, trends, and alarms from DeltaV systems and OPC sources
No DeltaV Configuration Required
•Native integration with DeltaV makes it EASY by using existing
Receive Intuitive Notifications
•Get relevant process data, trends,and Alarm Help to take the right actions
Built for Cybersecurity
• The ISASecure SSA certification is based on the ISA/IEC 62443-3-3 and62443-4-1
Eighth Reason : Smart Commisioning
Commissioning now easy, most task now automatically
Loop testing can be done from Control Room by one
person and automatically documented
Reducing Commissioning hours up to 93%
This feature would make Project Commissioning is very simple,
do not need a lot of resources to do commissioning now.