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7 Alternative Uses of Dustbins at
By Wooden Street
A dustbin is an essential element for storing waste and garbage. It will help
everyone to keep the room clean and hygienic. Perhaps, people use garbage bin in
di erent rooms. They can even be used in outdoor areas. They not only keep the
inside home clean but outside as well. Plus, they are available in di erent
materials, designs, shapes and sizes. Moreover, a small dustbin is ideal for the
bedroom, guestroom, balcony and study room. However, people can pick a unit
online as per their preferences and needs. Whether you live in a luxurious
apartment or a small apartment, a garbage collector is a must-have element for
the home. You will surely use it every day to throw waste.
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Now, some garbage collectors are not only good for collecting waste materials.
One can use them for di erent purposes. If you have some extra bins in the home,
use them for several purposes. Some incredible uses are discussed in this article.
You can consider them. So, let’s explore the unexpected uses below:
1. To grow plants -
Yes, the small wooden dustbin or plastic bins can be used to grow plants in the
home. You can simply buy a beautiful plant and place it in the unit along with the
soil. Keep it in your bedroom, balcony or living room. They will add natural color to
the place and puri es the air. Thus, you can breathe fresh and clean air every day.
You can even create a small garden area with them. They will elevate the room
décor. Plus, you can shift the plant to any room conveniently. Thus, have a
di erent plant in the room every week or month. So, give a try to this idea this
2. Store pet animal accessory In case you have a dog at home, you can use the small collector to store animal
accessories like soap, belts, biscuits, shampoo and more. Plus, you can nd them
anytime easily. So, look for a simple garbage dustbin online and use it as a
storage unit to keep animal accessories.
3. Kid’s toys If you see small toys all over in the kid’s bedroom or your master room, make use
of the extra trash bin and put all the toys you see on the oor into it like small cars,
remote, small toys and more. It will help you make the room clutter-free. Thus,
makes more space for di erent activities in the room.
4. Small balls and decoration items -
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If you have several small balls at home or Christmas decoration items like stars,
bells and more, just take out the additional fancy dustbin and put these items into
it. You will make some space for other items or free some space in the cupboard
or shelf. They come in awesome patterns and colors. So, buy dustbin online that
suits your interior décor. They keep the items safe. Plus, adding the colorful
decorative items will make the piece rich and adds style to the bedroom.
5. Store tools If you don’t have a toolkit for storing toolset or toolkit is broken, then the best
solution to keep them safe in the home is in the garbage collector. The small tools
can easily be placed in it. Also, easily accessible whenever necessary. Plus, you can
nd all the tools in a single place. Besides, they are all out of reach of kids. Make
sure you place them not on the oor or under the bed or on the bedside table.
6. Outdoor planters Create a small garden area outside the home with a few wooden or plastic units.
You can make a small hole in it for proper drainage of water. Thus, ensure the
plants grow healthy. Make sure you ll the units with soil and water them regularly.
Thus, have a small garden area outside the home or on the terrace. You will nd
trendy dustbin online India in most online stores. Buy them only from genuine and
reliable stores.
Also explore housekeeping products like laundry basket
7. Store unused pens If you see a lot of pens in the drawers, collect them all and put them in a clean or
fresh small trash collector. Hence, have a separate storage section for pens,
pencils, rubbers, cello tapes, staple pins, stapler and more. You can keep a
designer dustbin on the study table or any other location. Make sure the unit
within the reach in the room. Also, it makes more space on the table for di erent
These are some incredible uses of dustbin units at home. Make sure you use a
clean collector for every purpose. So, try some of them and maximize the space.
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