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Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA
These are the steps you have to put in position before you choose to ship your
stock direct from the own manufacturer in China into Amazon's FBA warehouse.
When determining how to get your products to Amazon FBA warehouse from
China, you've got two choices:
 Ship directly to Amazon's FBA warehouses in the US from China. Or;
 Ship into your middle person, or yourself, in the United States and then send
to Amazon FBA warehouse.
If you are shipping from China into Amazon FBA guide, you need to ship your
Chinese producer directions to prepare your goods to fulfil FBA specifications.
Many suppliers are familiar with Amazon's requirements and are willing to do this
for a minimal additional cost.
But like anything with China, there is always the possibility of mistakes. An
alternative is to employ a broker in China to visit the mill as soon as your order is
finished, inspect it and manage the preparation needed for Amazon FBA. There are
reputable agents in china which do so, but your mill needs to agree with it too.
Errors at this point might cost you a whole lot.
If you are shipping using a middle person or yourself, you'll have one consolidated
dispatch from China divided into smaller bundles, quality inspected, and prepped
for FBA. However, the issue with this is that you need to either do these things
yourself or pay somebody else to get it done.
Multiple Amazon FBA warehouses:
This is the largest barrier when sending to Amazon.com: Amazon will require that
you send your stock to numerous warehouses if you don't have inventory
positioning switched on. It costs twice as much to send three boxes into three
separate locations than transporting three boxes to a place.
Among the most significant risks when shipping things straight to Amazon is that
you don't have any chance to inspect your stock before shipping them to Amazon
Shipping from China to Amazon FBA Direct: Packaging & Shipping options:
Suppose you are shipping small shipments into the Amazon FBA warehouse that
the packaging and tag requirements are OK. Just guarantee that everything has a
barcode which may be scanned. Each box will want a carton tag attached to the
outside. Amazon is generally OK regarding grammatical mistakes; they'll often tag
wrong things for you and bill you for this, but it'll be a mark in your vendor
metrics. If you are sending pallets or container loads, items become harder.
The Pros Of Shipping Direct To Amazon FBA:
The Advantages of transport directly from the manufacturer in China into Amazon
FBA warehouses are:
1. Faster transit times (can save two weeks depending upon the rate of the
middle person)
2. Save money on middle person cost.
The Cons of Shipping Directly To Amazon FBA:
In the United States, Amazon divides your shipments. Your merchandise has to be
sent to numerous warehouses around the United States.
All responsibilities and freight costs have to be paid before your shipment arrives
in the Amazon FBA warehouse.
You do not get the opportunity to inspect your goods until you ship them to
Amazon's FBA warehouse.