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Fairdeal Estate
Real Estate Indore
Address: INDIA
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Fairdeal Estate is a real estate agency founded by Mr Pritam
Bhagtani in 1985. With our unique and contemporary style
and total passion for connecting people with property, we
aspire to provide the ultimate real estate experience for
today’s modern consumer.
Fairdeal estates has been providing its services for past 2
decades and have always been trusted by property Buyers,
Sellers and Investors. Aligned with agencies like NAR,
National Association of Realtors and IRWA, Indore Realtor
Welfare Association, professional and ethical services are key
policies of Fairdeal Estates.
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Property Broker Near Me
Our services aren’t limited by
traditional real estate boundaries
especially when it comes to selling,
buying, asset management or renting.
Besides, we always strive to find
innovative and new ways to satisfy our
clients’ requirements, thus making us
the forefront Real Estate Consultancy
Services in Indore.
We understand that every client is
different; with our tailored services,
we ensure that landlords do not pay for
services they do not require.