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Lighting Tower by AG Equipment

A&G Equipment
Genie Lift
Address: Singapore
Phone no: +65 6519 6905
A&G Equipment Pte Ltd (A&G) is establish in 2009 and have
grown over the years leasing industrial machinery; comprising
mainly Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP), forklift and other
industrial machinery.
A&G is a solutions provider for customer across various
industries and our core business, focuses on machinery rental
and trading. We also provide maintenance and repair services for
various machinery for our customer.
Genie Lift
Lighting Tower
Lighting System
Scissors Lift Sales
Boomlift Sales
Scissors Lift Singapore
Forklift Sales
A&G Equipment Pte Ltd specialises in heavy ground support
machinery, providing reliable professional rental services. Headed by
a young and dynamic management, A&G Equipment Pte Ltd aims to
provide reliable and quality rental of machinery and equipment with
a view towards excellent service.
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Email: [email protected]