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titan soccer academy

The purpose and how the Titan Soccer
Academy will be run and support the
Shaler Area Titan Soccer Programs
It is the Mission of Titan Soccer Academy to educate the youth of Shaler Area, not
just on techniques and tactics required to play the game of soccer but life lessons
as well. To foster the physical, mental and emotional growth of those involved
with Titan Soccer Academy through the sport of soccer. The goal is to build better
people through the game of soccer and to allow each participant too develop fully
to their own potential while instilling a love and passion for the game of soccer.
It is also the Mission of Titan Soccer Academy to connect youth soccer players
within the Shaler Area School District with current Titan Soccer players. Current
Titan Soccer Players will serve as the Academy coaches and mentors to the youth
players to lead by example. Having the current Titan Soccer Players lead this
program also serves as a development purpose for these student athletes as they
develop leadership skills, communication skills, and develop relationships with
youth of the district. It also shows the importance of community service.
The purpose of Titan Soccer Academy is to provide quality soccer training
in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the United States Soccer
Purpose of
Titan Soccer
Titan Soccer Academy will focus on teaching the youth of Shaler Area
School District the proper fundamentals required to play the game the
game of soccer while also incorporating important life skills to help with
the overall total development of these youth student athletes. All
activates will be done in a fun, game like, manner.
To foster a relationship between the Titan Soccer Programs and the youth
of the Shaler Area School District. The coaches working with the youth
will be the high school soccer players, providing not only total
development to the youth soccer players participating but also to the
student/athletes associated with the Shaler Area Titan Soccer Program.
The Titan Soccer Coaches will design the curriculum and practice plans for
the high school players to execute with the youth soccer players, the
Coaching Staff will also be present and oversee all sessions
Player Development Plan
“Its about more than just football…we must
educate all young people holistically, not
simply to focus on football”
~Guillermo Amor, F.C. Barcelona
Guiding Principles:
• Develop the person, and then the player
• Player-centered decision making process
• Individual development before team development
• Focus on long term development – the journey requires
patience, detailed understanding, and a sophisticated plan
How Titan
Academy will
• In building a relationship with the youth of the school district, the
Titan Soccer Players will be the coaches/mentors assigned to work
with the youth soccer players. Providing these High School age
student athlete’s not only an opportunity to experience coaching,
but also to provide community service and leadership skills that
they can use in the future. This partnership automatically
provides the Titan Soccer Players with community service hours to
help in their future endeavors and to help bolster their college
admission process.
• By partnering up with the Titan Soccer Players, this immediately builds
a relationship between the youth players and the high school age
players. This relationship allows the youth players direct contact to
players and more importantly helps create a solid relationship in role
models for the youth of the school district. These relationships help
develop the youth of the school district as they now have people to
look up to and emulate, as well as high school age players that help to
stress the importance of hard work, commitment and dedication not
just on the athletic field but in the classroom as well.
“Though there is no single “best model”; there are
proven methods and “best practices that increase
the chances of success”
Structure of Titan
Soccer Academy
• Titan Soccer Academy will charge a minimal fee, to help
cover the cost of basic equipment and needs of program
as well as help support the Titan Soccer Boosters.
• All training session will be 60 minutes long, 30 minutes
of basic soccer technical work and then 30 minutes of
small sided games.
• Titan Soccer Academy will be offered to players in the
following age groups:
5 and Under (2013 Birth Year)
6 and Under (2012 Birth Year)
8 and Under (2011 and 2010 Birth Year)
10 and Under (2009 and 2008 Birth Year)
12 and Under (2007 and 2006 Birth Year)
(If numbers allow at the 8 and Under ages and above we will
separate the boys and the girls)
Rough Weekly Schedule
• 8 and Under age groups will meet 1 a week for 30 minutes of technical work, and 30 minute of small sided games.
Tuesday Nights
Wednesday Nights
Thursday Nights
1st and 2nd Grade
• The under 10 ages and above will meet 1 a week for 45 minutes of technical work, and 45 minutes of small sided games.
This set up and structure is to work in accordance with any other soccer team your youth soccer player may be playing on.
Wednesday Nights
Thursday Nights
10 and Under
12 and Under
• With this being a Shaler Area School District Athletic Program function, we are hoping to be able to utilize school facilities
to help reduce the cost per player interested in signing up.
• This is a non-profit program, all registration fees will be put toward the program and or serve as a fundraiser for the Shaler
Area Titan Soccer Boosters which serves the middle school and high school soccer teams.
Registration and Communication
• Registration and all forms of communication for Titan Soccer
Academy will be maintained through Titan Soccer Web Page:
• This site will have a dedicated page with skills of the week for the
players to work on at home, news and information on the program
as well as our weekly schedule.