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Types and benefits of stainless steel

Types and benefits of stainless steel
Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium of 11% with Carbon, which is present less than
1.02%.There are no. of grades of strainers steel. But majorly, it is divided into three series. Three
digits designate three sequences: eg-304 stainless steel sheet, 316 stainless steel round bar,and
430 seamless stainless pipes.
200 Series
Austenitic type of stainless steel is the main component of the 200 series, in which Manganese is
present, and Nickel is as low as less than 5%.
300 Series
Austenitic type of stainless steel is the main component of the 300 series. 300 series comprises
Carbon, Nickel, and molybdenum. Its ductility is higher due to the presence of Nickel, and it acts
was in an acidic environment due to higher corrosive resistance.
304 Stainless steel
It is the primary type of stainless steel. People use this type heavily in this chromium & Nickel
presents as Austenitic type stainless steel. It comprises about 18% Chromium and 8% of Nickel.
It has excellent corrosive resistance and nonmagnetic. It is readily available in a variety of forms,
and it is easy to make.
316 stainless steel
It has excellent corrosive resistance. 304 stainless steel sheet is also nonmagnetic.
304L Stainless steel
It has good corrosive resistance, and it is nonmagnetic. 304 Stainless Steel Round Bar has
different uses.
Among all the types of stainless steel, 304 and 316 types of stainless steel are very common. The
toughness of 304 Stainless steel is higher. Health care people and food processing units use this
type of stainless steel widely as 304 types resists organic chemicals, dyestuff, sulphuric acid, and
nitric acid.
400 series
It is the combination of Ferritic and Martensitic type stainless steel. It has heat-resisting and
corrosion resisting capacity lower than 300 series.
430 stainless steel
It is a low-cost stainless steel type. It is magnetic and fabricates well.
1. User friendly
As stainless steel doesn't support bacterial growth on itself, it is more hygienic than other
materials. Because of bacterial inactivity, it is easy to clean, and health care units people widely
use this in their equipment. It is easily sterilizable. So it is of low maintenance.
2. Strength
It is an iron-based alloy with chromium & a small amount of Carbon, so its Strength increases
exponentially. It has cryogenic toughness and high hardness.
3. Ductility
Due to Nickel's addition, its ductility increases, and it becomes easier to manufacture stainless
steel sheets, pipe, wine, bare, etc.
4. Recyclable
It is one of the vital properties of stainless steel. It is 100% recyclable. The sot of Stainless steel
that is in use is the makeup of old refilled stainless steel.
5. Appearance
It gives a contemporary to a classic look, which attracts its consumers.
6. Value
Architects use stainless steel. At first, the cost of stainless steel seems high, but when you see in
the long turn, the life of project stainless steel is more durable. As if it doesn't require
maintenance, repairing, exchange, etc.
These are the benefits of using stainless steel sheet produced by ss forged fittings
manufacturers in india.