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Original Perfume Maker for Men and Women

Paris Elysees Original Perfume Maker
Conventionally French. Fill your senses with the time-honored and revered scent.
France bespoke Fragrance. For the Bold. For the Romantic. For the iconic. For the
Sleek. For her. For him. Create an authentic statement.
The understated style, unique sense of sophistication, timeless elegance and a
charismatic approach is the French way. These distinctly French qualities are the
legacy and soul of the Paris Elysees perfumes since its inception in 1990 when our
founder Mr. JJ Vola started his perfumed odyssey where all his compositions came
to life.
Paris Elysees collaborates with the master perfumers of Grasse in France, the wellknown capital of perfume since the XVIIth century, to create its unique scented
The citric-flowered takes off with a harmonious bouquet of rosemary and
wormwood flower.The poem continues with a gentle stroll between protected by
majestic pines geraniums.In the background, your wild side –animal intensely
masculine spring with musk and patchouli.Vodka Extreme a concentrate of
extreme masculinity.
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