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Top Cork Tiles and floors Store in Canada

Top Cork Tiles and floors sTore in
Cancork.com is one of the top cork flooring store in Canada. We are premium distributor
providing some of the best cork flooring products like tiles, floors and other accessories.
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The cork oak tress covers around 3 million hectares in the world. The cork is well known
for its hard and irregular structure and the cork tiles flooring is the excellent service
provided by the different online website, best for home and office use.
Buy 6mm cork underlayment at best price on cancork.com. It is one of our best selling
product known for it's excellent thermal insulating properties. Visit website and order it
Website:- Cork Tiles
Contact us:Cancork Floor INC
Julia YU
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185-1991 Savage RD
British Columbia
604-207-0661, 604-207-9541