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2021 RoHS Compliance Regulations, Hazardous Substances-converted

2021 RoHS Compliance: Regulations, Hazardous
The increase in manufacturing boosts production and help in generating high
revenues. The government, on the other hand, also enjoys the tax from the
manufacturers. Despite being profitable, what makes the European Union
come up with such laws as RoHS in the electronic industry? And, what was the
reason behind the introduction of RoHS?
Before we reveal the answer to these questions, here is a brief introduction to
So, what exactly is RoHS? RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substance) is a policy
adopted by the European Union in 2003. After a couple of years, the policy
became law. All the electrical and electronic companies, big and small, had to
abide by the law in their industry. The directive restricts the manufacturers
from using hazardous chemicals and products in the manufacturing process,
polluting the environment and becoming a threat to humanity.
Why was it introduced?
The introduction of chemicals in the manufacturing industry dated back to the
20th century. It shifted the electronics industry to a completely different level.
Chemicals like asbestos, radium, to name a few, have scaled the industry to
heights. On one hand, it helps to boom the industry progress and on the other,
there are also dangerous warnings signals too. The hazardous chemicals have
disastrous impacts on both health and the environment.
The government thus introduced RoHS Compliance Services to ensure health
safety inside and outside the industry. The policy warns the industries to
restrict the use of hazardous chemicals like lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), and
cadmium (Cd) in their organization. Since the use of these chemicals is the
most responsive for polluting the environment, they are legally restricted.
Objectives of RoHS
The main objective of RoHS is to reduce the effects caused by hazardous
substances used in electronic equipment. The law encourages the industries to
stop using harmful substances, as they are detreating the environment. The
main focus is to make a danger-free environment that benefits both the
consumers and the manufacturers.
Why is it important?
Whether you are aware or not, the chemicals used in the electrical and
electronic components have a severe effect on your industry. They are
threatening the environment with its adverse effects. So, RoHS is for your good
inside the organization. Thus, it is crucial to use non-RoHS chemicals and
restrict the use of toxic RoHS chemicals.
Today, the practice of RoHS is no more an option but a legal concern.
Therefore, it is mandatory for every business organization-be it sellers,
resellers, dealers, or manufacturers, to abide by the law. Suppose a
manufacturer fails to comply with the law. In that case, they may be under
prosecutions, pay penalties, or even get into imprisonment.
Why takes risks? Why not abide by the laws and give your customers harmless
components. The critical thing to consider is whether one’s organization is
RoHS compliant for 2021 or not. The new notifications have already been
circulated regarding which products will come under July 2021 RoHS
compliance. In 2019, RoHS restrictions were placed on electric and electronic
equipment except for medical device monitoring and control systems. These
excluded items now come under the purview of RoHS 2021 regulations. In
view of new products being added, it is essential to conduct RoHS 2
compliance training and be equipped before the deadline.