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Deep Learning with TensorFlow Course

Deep Learning with TensorFlow Course
IgmGuru takes great pride in introducing the well-curated Deep
Learning with tensorflow training in which industry leaders and academia
has been consulted while preparing this course. IgmGuru is very
enthusiastic about the Deep Learning with TensorFlow course as we
will go through some of the famous use cases and prepare the learners
to face industry-related challenges. Deep Learning is loosely inspired
by the ways humans process information and then communicate
through our own biological neural networks. These learning algorithms
are able to process vast amounts of data to build meaningful
relationships amongst them.
Deep Learning with TensorFlow Course
Deep Learning is considered a niche skill. It is an ever-expanding field
and is widely regarded as an extension of Machine Learning algorithm.
Deep Learning is an aspect of artificial intelligence that depends on
data representations rather than task-specific algorithms. There are a
lot of applications that are a by-product of Deep Learning techniques
starting from self-driving cars, movie suggestions appearing in various
streaming platforms, word suggestions being provided when you
compose a WhatsApp message, etc. Deep Learning skill is much in
demand in the market as you need to have a very good understanding
of the algorithms along with a very good foundation of machine
learning concepts. Deep Learning with the TensorFlow course is going
In fact, as per one of the recent job-related survey, it was found that
the demand for Deep Learning using TensorFlow far outstretches the
supply. And for the same reason, there are a lot of organizations that
have started upskilling their employees to fulfill these gaps.
Similar to machine learning, there is a tremendous growth rate for
Deep Learning related jobs. Another reason which could oblige you to
seriously think about this skill set is automation. As we must have
heard about reports stating that there are a lot of jobs which could
vanish due to automation in the next few years. Upskilling is an area
that is automation proof that is something everyone would like to
IgmGuru offers one of the best Deep Learning with TensorFlow courses
in the market that covers all the skills required to become proficient in
the Deep Learning domain. There will be a lot of business-world
projects in which learners would be implemented to enhance
understanding. Hence, by leveraging IgmGuru’s Deep Learning with
TensorFlow certification training, learners will be exposed to numerous
high-paying opportunities.
Learners who are interested in deep learning with TensorFlow
course need to have a very good understanding of Machine Learning
techniques. You can enroll in the Machine Learning course from
IgmGuru to gain the necessary skills.
engineers/specialists. Notable among them are IT companies like
Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia, Flipkart, Amazon, and a lot more. Learners’
who would finally be acquiring the skill set of Deep Learning could end
up in the below-mentioned profiles
Deep Learning engineer
Deep Learning specialist
Artificial Intelligence engineer
Deep learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods
based on artificial neural networks with representation learning.
Learning can be supervised or unsupervised. Artificial neural networks
communication nodes in biological systems.
There is a lot of different deep learning architecture which we will
study in this deep learning using TensorFlow training course ranging
from deep neural networks, deep belief networks, recurrent neural
networks, and convolutional neural networks. They have been applied
to fields including computer vision, machine vision, speech recognition,
natural language processing, audio recognition, social network
filtering, machine translation, bioinformatics, drug design, medical
image analysis, material inspection. Some of these architectures have
known to produce better results than humans and will be discussed in
deep learning TensorFlow training course.
We will be using the open-source library known as TensorFlow while
providing deep learning TensorFlow training course which is developed
and maintained by Google Brain. Tensorflow is an API that could be
used in Python (as a library) to build and deploy various deep learning
models. Tensorflow is very much suited mostly for deep learning
algorithms but we can also build a machine learning algorithm. We will
understand more about TensorFlow in this course and explore the
various operations that we can perform on it. There are many other
options available apart from TensorFlow to build deep learning
algorithms like Keras, Caffe framework, Mxnet, etc. Since TensorFlow
is widely used in the industry, we also get a lot of community support
for related issues.
Deep Learning has been broadly classified into Supervised and
Unsupervised learning.
What are the Objectives
Learners would be made familiar with the various types of Deep
Learning techniques under each supervised and unsupervised learning
methods in Deep Learning with TensorFlow course.
They would also have a very good idea about the usage of the
techniques depending on the business problems.
Each session in deep learning with TensorFlow certification ends with
assignments and tasks that you need to solve based on the available
Further, you will work on many industry-specific projects that will
solidify your skills in
Deep learning has the potential to change the way businesses make
decisions. These algorithms to be taught in deep learning TensorFlow
training course takes massive amounts of unstructured data and build
programs that can analyze natural language, sentiment, and other
complicated data the way the human brain would, only better.
Deep learning models are transforming the way we approach business.
Humans produce a massive amount of data, but up to now, we've
been unable to use it fully. Now, deep learning algorithms are
providing learning techniques and real-world solutions based on these
large data sets. We will be exploring some of these techniques in deep
learning the TensorFlow training course.
Deep Learning with TensorFlow course focuses on the development of
computer programs that use data to understand patterns and
relationships on its own. The primary aim is to allow the computers to
learn automatically without human intervention or assistance and
adjust actions accordingly. There is a stark difference in the way of
finding a relationship between the different variables in deep learning
and machine learning. We will also touch upon these important
What are the Key Deliverables
The Deep Learning with TensorFlow course will mostly deal with the
below things
Difference between supervised and unsupervised techniques
Understanding the usage of supervised and unsupervised learning
Choosing the best algorithm for a given problem
Understanding the various accuracy measures