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Sitecore Certification Training Online Course

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Sitecore Certification Training Online Course
 20 Hours
Online Sitecore Training Demo
Sitecore training program designed by the most trusted educational website, igmGuru. This
Sitecore online training course has been designed as per the latest Sitecore version so
participant's can learn from basic to advance level of Sitecore overview (Products, Community
and Portals), Sitecore Installation, Setup and Configuration. They shall have strong control over
their website, ranging from blog posts, advanced personalization, e-commerce to social
integrations, and much more. This Sitecore Course is designed according to Sitecore
Certification Exam for all versions like 8, 9.1, 9.2 and 10.
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Sitecore Course Online Overview
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With an excellent team of professionals, our website has come up with an absolute solution to all
your Sitecore issues. From basics to advance learning, with proper certifications, the Sitecore
elearning becomes your parent guide to help you gain your part of understanding, that too very
skillfully and without difficulty.
For Business
What does this Sitecore Training help me acquire?
This Sitecore training program has been divided into sessions for easy and, better learning. With
each session, you will comprehend the two very valuable products of Sitecore, The CMS
(Content Management System), and DMS (Digital Marketing Systems). Undertaking the course,
students shall be able to,
Construct a website of multilingual functionality stuffed with features as, language/content
versioning, workflow, and translation comparison editing, to help deal with customers of
any nationality speaking their specific language.
Connect better in the b2c environment by creating an e-commerce website. This superior
knowledge shall help you in personalization, A/B testing, and e-commerce tasking very
Increase customer interactions by acquiring the knowledge of sophisticated Multivariate
and A/B testing contents.
Have sky-scraping control of AIDA (analysis, insights, decision, and automation) to cover all
aspects, whether to directly integrate Google Analytics account into Sitecore or use the one
that is already in-built. Also, the course shall help facilitate built-in “engagement
analytics,” to provide in-depth information about actual customers willing to make
Edit the existing content as well as craft new content through their learning, without the
help of any hands from the IT department.
Learn about the personalization technology of Sitecore through which general visitors can
be encouraged to become permanent customers, the moment they first click on to visit
your website.
Maintain high-quality content all over the website by imposing, workflow, standard security
system, as well as access permission. This allows having full control over the website even
if it has many contributors at different places.
Stay handy with Search Engine Optimization Techniques, to rank on the top.
Corporate Training Solutions
Blended learning delivery model (selfpaced e-learning and/or instructor-led
Course, category, and all-access
Enterprise-class learning management
system (LMS)
Enhanced reporting for individuals and
24x7 teaching assistance and support
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Beyond the above-mentioned features, that shall train them to be expert developers, there are
many others, which cannot be detailed here. Students shall surely be gifted with additional
knowledge exceeding the value you pay.
What do I need to acquire, to take up the Sitecore Training?
It is better to take up the course only if you have any prior knowledge or experience about
implementing site core solutions or versed with site core developer practices as, for taking
Sitecore certification online training, proficiency is a prerequisite. There are other pertinent
courses offered which are advised to be taken and a detailed study of the exam guide is
required, to successfully clear the examinations. Some of the exam competencies are:
Sitecore Items – 30%
Debugging – 4%
Sitecore MVC – 17%
Sitecore Platform Tools – 13%
Sitecore Platform – 16%
Search and Indexing – 16%
Unit Testing – 4%
How can I get benefited, practically, after taking up the Sitecore Course?
After you undergo the full course process of Sitecore online training developers, you shall be
eligible for the examination that has been prepared to provide you a Sitecore developer
certificate. This exam has been particularly primed to check your ordinary thought process. The
questions have been set in a very different concept that shall test your expertise as a Sitecore
developer when laid down in a natural scenario. Your response to an imaginary situation shall
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encourage you to write down unusual answers rather than use the stored brain data. This
advancement theory shall help you, once you get down to the field, as a certified developer.
Sitecore Certification Training offered
1. Individual development course: This course is designed for college students or those who
have recently graduated and want to make a career in the field of data science.
2. Corporate Development program: Many corporate giants like Amazon, Facebook, Flipkart
can approach this program for providing training to their existing employees who are in the
core team of data analysis. This course will help these corporate to enhance their search
criteria as we have a huge collection of our database to practice with.
3. Professional development program: This program is mainly suitable for an individual
currently working in any company as a data analyst or data scientist. This program offers
training as per the current scenario and helps enhance one’s knowledge in the latest
approach of data science.
4. Customized program: A batch of people can have a customized program as per their
requirements. We have experienced people in our program who can design flexible
courses as per the requirements of people.
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20 hours (JSS)
Online Training
 20 hours
The Sitecore developer training course platforms world experts for the course teaching and
preparation of soothing exam environment that helps students turn into dignified developers.
The course not only focuses on teaching the syllabus but also prepares them for the
examination. The whole program aims to produce Sitecore developers who can click jobs in any
top MNCs. With real-time projects and assignments, the students are effortlessly able to rocket
their careers.
Considering the marketing and sales professionals for functionality and knowledge of the
products, DMS and CMS, the Sitecore certification is prepared. This Sitecore Certification online
Training helps developers stand out among others due to the extraordinary learning they shall
acquire to learn Sitecore CMS.
Sitecore Training Modules
Lesson 1 - Overview
Lesson 2 - Installation & Setup
Lesson 3 - Data
Lesson 4 - Configuration
Lesson 5 - Securities and Customizations
Lesson 6 - Helix, Tools & Best Practices
Lesson 7 - Experience Marketing
Lesson 8 - Headless CMS
Lesson 9 - Sitecore Certification Exam Preparation
Sitecore Course Key Features
Instructor Led Training: 20 Hrs
Experienced & Professional Trainers
Online Sitecore Training Fees
Online Class Room Program
90 days of access to 1+ instructor-led
online training classes
180 days of access to high-quality,selfpaced learning content designed by
Self Paced Learning
180 days of access to high-qua
paced learning content designe
industry experts
20 hrs of Self Paced Learning
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Batches start from 06 Feb 2021.
Sitecore Certification Training Exam
IgmGuru Sitecore Certification Online Training for
developers is handled only after the completion of the
Sitecore Examination within the stipulated time,
conducted at the end of course. The certificates shall
be provided on a minimum score of 70%, achieved in
the exam. IgmGuru’s Sitecore certification is accepted
as a symbol of achievement from top MNCs all over
the world. Steps to getting certified with Sitecore:
1. Enroll yourself with a Sitecore savvy Tutorial.
2. Purchase the exam credit from Sitecore.
3. Choose your exam pattern as there are two ways
to take the exam.
4. Online Proctored Exams: If you choose to take
the exam with the online proctored service, you
can take the exam anywhere in the world from
your home or office
5. Testing Center Exams: Kryterion Global Testing
Solutions offers the Sitecore Professional
Developer Certification exam in more than 900
physical Testing Centers worldwide.
Sitecore Online Training FAQ
Q : Who should undergo Sitecore Training?
Q : What is the scope of the Sitecore MVC for a career prospective?
Q : Is there any prerequisite to becoming a Sitecore developer?
Q : What is cost of Sitecore Certification in India?
Q : Are your Support system reliable for Sitecore Course?
Q : What devices do I need for instructional meetings of Sitecore online training?
Q : Who provides sitecore certification?
Q : I need Sitecore course material. Can you help?
Q : I am confused in making a decision. Can you help me?
Write a Review
Very informative and Rich Sitecore Training     
Mohamed Said Salem
It was very good to attend this training. As a beginner in Sitecore for
development. The instructor was knowledgeable and was providing very usefull
information on many scenarios I had in mind.
Software Developer     
Salma Khaled
The trainer was helpful and the content is great
Senior Technical Consultant     
Mohamed Saad
This course is for beginners with no knowledge on Sitecore, but it was helpful.
The instructor was well prepared and has good knowledge. Thanks to IgmGuru
Senior Projects / Program Manager     
Ahmed Amin Youssef PMP, ITIL, CSM, MCAD, MCT, MCP
Nice and rich course with an experienced instructor.
SiteCore Developer     
Saravanan P
Surendra is gem of a person to listen to first and learn. As you know these
topics can become too dull soon and remind us of college days :-) but he makes
it very interesting and teaches the topics for your speed than pouring out all
the details he knows. He was pleasure to listen and learn. So professional, so
organized and surprised at depth of his SiteCore knowledge. I am going to
recommend him to my colleagues or whoever comes my way :-) Thanks
IgmGuru Team to arrange the fantastic session.
Sitecore Training     
Pawan Kumar Saini
As a beginner i was able to learn more about sitecore cms.
Sitecore Training     
Sivaram Bnlv
Trainer was well experienced and gone through real-time explanation. I really
enjoyed the training pattern. Thanks to the trainer and team members.
Sitecore Training     
Bahadir D
Very informative training, easy to follow, definitely recommended
.NET Programmer     
Raveendra Madupu
This course is for beginners with no knowledge on Sitecore. The trainer has
good knowledge on all aspects. After training my Sitecore knowledge improved
from 'define terms & memorize facts' to 'Organize, Plan, Construct and Create' .
Sitecore Training     
Right place to start for beginners with practical insight of basic concepts. I have
opted for 1-1 sessions, Trainer was so patience and use to explain in detail step
by step by clarifing doubts and provided guidance to my Sitecore career.
Sitecore     
Vina Naidu
The training was great and I found it very helpful! The sessions were engaging
and interactive and a lot of topics were covered. Even the training materials
provided are helpful. The sessions were well-paced and the instructor is very
knowledgable and answered all queries very patiently.
Sitecore Consultant     
Hemachandhiran Harimoorthy
This course is for beginners with no knowledge on Sitecore. The trainer has
good knowledge on all aspects. Very useful for me.
Director     
Sourabh Gupta
Fantastic experience
Software Engineer     
Sandhya V S
Very Good training delivered by trainer.
Senior Software Developer     
Soumi Ravindran
Training was good. The trainer was well prepared with materials. The handson
session was good and as a beginner i was able understand the concepts. Over
all it was good.
Sitecore Certification Training     
Parashuram B
Course good and syllabus contains the best from beginners and experienced
Sitecore trianing     
Albert Thomson
Training was good. since it includes some hands on with the machines
instructor helped at the right time. definitely suggest for any one who is a
Software Developer     
Training was simple and clear. The way he explained everything was very clear
and the notes was very helpful. As a beginner I think I got overall idea of what
is Sitecore and how to use it. It was good.
Software Developer     
The trainer is able to teach the topics most of the time. Overall the trainer is
good , has good knowledge and able to fix our issues during the training.
Definitely people who don't have any idea of sitecore can have a basic idea on
sitecore cms
Site core beginners training     
Eleena Thomas
Well prepared training done by trainer.
Sitecore Training     
Lakshmi Prakash
Training was very good and was explaining from beginner level so that it was
very helpful to follow as a beginner. But the only problem was when explaining
slower the speed would be more helpful
Senior software engineer     
Anu Joseph.K
Done Sitecore training.It was fantastic. Big thank to trainer.
Sitecore Training     
Aiswarya Raman
Good and elaborate training which covered many aspects of Sitecore.
TL     
Shibin m
Attended beginner level sitecore training. That was good. Trainer was well
prepared for the sessions.
Sitecore Training     
Arya K.S.
Training was good, started from very basic. Hands own sessions were helped to
understand more about sitecore working , It will be more helpful to follow if
speed is reduced for hands own sessions.Documentation are good
Sitecore training     
Swathy s Iyer
was good sitecore session.
Nice     
Jithu GeeVarghese Babu
NIce sesssion was good and got an intro
Associate Lead Engineer     
Rehna Krishnan
Training was insightful. Got idea on basic concepts
Sitecore Training     
As a beginner i was able to learn more about sitecore cms.
Sitecore Training     
Pascal Jackson Rebello
very helpfull training session. I would suggest to others as well.
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