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Mulesoft Certification Online Training Course

Mulesoft Certification Online Training Course
IgmGuru's Mulesoft Certification training is designed according to the Mulesoft
certification exam to make sure that the candidate passes the exam in the first attempt.
Mule is a lightweight framework given by the MuleSoft. , a Java-based concept,
penetrates and collaborates between the different stages such as the .NET utilities web
admin or the attachments. It gives a coordinate stage to associate applications,
information, and APIs crosswise over on-premises and to the distributed computing
conditions. MuleSoft has any Point of Platform related to SaaS applications and existing
applications through the application programming interfaces (APIs). With all this
information at hand, if you are interested to know some more about his, then here is the
right opportunity for you with this article in hand.
Mulesoft Training Overview
MuleSoft has supported many of the significant cloud suppliers, including Cisco,
Salesforce, and SAP. MuleSoft has additionally got monetary support from New
Enterprise Associates, Hummer Wimbled Venture Partners, and Mergenthaler Ventures,
Light speed Venture Partners, Bay Partners and many others as well. It has several
tools and services namely: API Designer, Any Point Studio, API Portal, API Analytics,
Cloud HUB, Mule ESB, and the Mule Enterprise Management.
Q. What are the objectives of this Mulesoft Course?
IgmGuru's Mule ESB Certification Training offers the well-planned training paths
intended for the required certification skills to compete with the advanced technological
IgmGuru provides result-driven courses with a wide range of the curriculum for trainees
looking to implement upgraded business applications.
By the completion of the Mulesoft training, you will be able to gain knowledge on:
MuleSoft ESB and its core concepts
MuleSoft API integration platform concepts
How to deploying and managing APIs
How to work on the advanced JavaScript concepts
Learn how to write the DataWeave transformations
Leveraging knowledge of MuleSoft integration concepts
Acquiring the knowledge to resolve standalone errors in MuleSoft
Understand the REST and SOAP web-based services
Industry-based case studies and live projects
Q. Who can opt for this Mulesoft Training?
Any student or professional who has a passion for developing their carrier in software and
has an interest in ANALYTICS can take this course.
Q. What are the prerequisites for Mulesoft Online Training?
Basic knowledge on any OOPs(like Java) programming language
Good knowledge on the Web services (SOAP API and REST API)
Basic knowledge on JMS(MOM server i.e. MQ servers like IBM MQ or ActiveMQ) concepts
Basic XML,JSON, CSV knowledge
Basic database queries
Very good or at least moderate knowledge on Maven is mandatory.
Basic idea about Http protocol.
Q. What skills you will grasp in Mulesoft Training?
A MuleSoft Certified Developer should be able to:
Use the MuleSoft tutorial Anypoint Platform to take the basic API through all of the steps
of its lifecycle: design, build, deploy, manage, and govern.
Use Anypoint Studio for build, test, and debug of the basic integrations and API
Opportunity to get aligned with so many resources like files, web services, databases,
SaaS applications, and JMS queues.
Performs the basic data transformations using the DataWeave 2.
Control event flow and handle errors.
Process batch records.