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MSBI Online Training

IgmGuru's Microsoft Business Intelligence (MBSI) course has been designed in line with MSCE
(70-467) and is one of the best MSBI Online Training institutes in India. This has helped to make
sure that the candidate passes the exam in the first attempt and gain the skill set as well.
Microsoft Business Intelligence certification training provided by IgmGuru makes you master
Business Intelligence and data mining tools. For learners’ who are interested in creating realworld integration, analytical, and reporting applications with MSBI, MSBI Online Course is the goto place.
Online MSBI Course Overview
MSBI is a collection of tools developed by Microsoft, offers the best solutions for Business
Intelligence and data mining. MSBI uses Visual Studio data tools and SQL server to make great
decisions in our business activities.
Microsoft BI stack comprises three tools for accomplishing various tasks
SSIS: It is an integration service and stands for SQL Server Integration Services
SSAS: It is an analysis service and stands for SQL Server Analysis Services
SSRS: It is a reporting tool /service and stands for SQL Server Reporting Services
With advanced options to avail the best kind of MSBI certification course, it is very natural for
anyone to get hold of the best kind of career option. Learners will be taught by some of the bestcertified instructors who have practical exposure to MSBI course services and tools in IgmGuru's
MSBI training. MSBI certification course allows you to configure and use the business intelligence
tools. This ms business intelligence certification training injects you with the required knowledge
on ETL solutions, SSIS packages, OLTP and OLAP, and SSRS configuration.