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Some technical details on steel structures

Some technical details on steel structures
The standard ranges of grade 12.9 bolts are generally sufficiently developed to meet the needs
of many industrial sectors. Tailor-made designs offer endless possibilities.
For logistics warehouses, it is necessary to opt for stainless steel flange buildings designed for
logistics with warehouses with free spans of up to 100 meters without intermediate posts. The
customer has great flexibility in the choice of construction dimensions. Warehouses and logistics
platforms are sustainable solutions and are designed to meet each specific need. A variety of roof
and facade systems offer the best performance, high quality and modern design.
The production units and factories are designed to meet each inconel 625 bolts specific need.
Industrial buildings offer maximum flexibility. The production buildings are developed with the
latest technologies, they are reliable and durable. The metallic steel buildings allow an optimal
production flow and have natural lighting.
Constructions for car dealerships allow optimal use of space with free spans. The duplex flanges
construction system offers imaginative, attractive architectural possibilities and the use of
numerous integrated accessories. The choice of Stainless steel square bar for car dealerships
ensures high security and great resistance to bad weather. Steel buildings used as car dealerships
are developed with respect for the environment.
Facts about steel structures
A complete 304 stainless steel flanges metal building includes an exterior envelope with the
main structure, the facades, the roof and many accessories. Several pieces can be combined by
juxtaposing them. Other materials can be part of the construction such as concrete, wood or
glass. They integrate perfectly with steel.
There are different types of buildings, each with different specificities: Free span buildings,
beveled posts, modular buildings with beveled posts and tubular intermediate posts… single
pitched roofs in free span, double slope buildings etc… there has standard Stainless Steel
Round Bar solutions and many possible variants according to the wishes and needs of the
The constructions consist of a Stainless Steel Hex Bar framework made up of columns and
crossbowmen in profiles, purlins and rails in cold formed galvanized profiles. The primary
framework is the set of structural elements which transmit the loads to the foundations.
The framework is also composed of beams and elements of stability. The columns are fixed in
the concrete of the foundations.
The vertical stabilization depends on the configuration of the facade. Depending on the
configuration, the addition of certain elements may be necessary, such as a stability gantry, or
concrete walls.
Roofs of 304 stainless steel round bar are available in different ranges: single-skin roofs,
double-skin roofs, with or without a spacer rail, roofs composed of sandwich panels, multi-layer
roofs, etc. The types of roofs are numerous and adapt to all types of construction.
What are the advantages of steel?
Steel is the material of choice for construction that is both economical and environmentally
friendly. The 316 stainless steel round bar is a key material for a sustainable building.
Professionals know this since 50% of industrial buildings are made of astm a193 b7 steel. The
advantages are numerous, here are the main ones:
- Lifetime of steel roofs over 50 years
- Production in 6 to 8 weeks
- Construction time less than 2 months
- 30% faster construction
- 0% construction waste
- 100% recyclable