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Welcome to Yum Yum Tree

Welcome to Yum Yum tree
Yum Yum Tree created the concept of an international style food court; restaurants within a
restaurant. We offer a wide range of Italian, Japanese, Thai & Middle Eastern food menus
freshly cooked to your order.
For more details, visit our site www.yumyumtree.org
Want to order grills online? AlMangal by Yumyumtree is the right place. We offer a wide
range of grills & middle eastern items prepared from the freshest ingredients.
Visit our site for more information. www.yumyumtree.org
Craving pasta or pizza? Vanellis by Yumyumtree.org serves the tastiest and freshest pastas
& pizzas in Bahrain. Visit www.yumyumtree.org and enjoy our online offers.
Best Japanese food in Bahrain; Teriyaki by Yum Yum Tree delivers the genuine Japanese
taste with the freshest ingredients cooked before your eyes. Order your favorite fried rice,
noodles or Bento box.
To learn more, visit our website www.yumyumtree.org
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