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Equine Assisted Therapy by Viva Equine

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Address: Unit 5/435-437 Old Geelong Road
Hoppers Crossing Melbourne
Phone No: 403653642
Viviane is a qualified counsellor and Equine Assisted Therapist. She
has over 20 years of experience in counselling, psychotherapy, case
management and community work in the private and non-for-profit
sectors in Australia and overseas. In her first 5 years of career Viviane
worked as a clinical psychologist in Brazil in private setting as well as for
government agencies and drug and alcohol services. In 2010 she
traveled the world delivering therapeutic services in a volunteer basis. In
that journey Viviane worked with communities in Brazil, Argentina, The
Amazon Forest in Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and Uganda. In Australia,
Viviane worked in the child protection, drug and alcohol and mental
health fields. She also provided extensive support for Aboriginal
communities in NSW.
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Equine Assisted Therapy
Equine Assisted Therapy
Viva Equine offers Equine Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning
to children, adults, couples, and groups to address trauma, build social
skills, improve relationships and assist in a wide range of mental health
issues and disabilities.
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