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3 Simple Tips to Avoid Neck and Back Pain

3 Simple Tips to Avoid Neck and Back Pain
Here in our Cambridge Osteopathy clinic we regularly see patients struggling with neck pain, shoulder
pain and low back pain. Long hours working at a desk is a major cause of these postural problems.
With so many people now working at home during the Lockdown at makeshift workstations in
kitchens and bedrooms, more patients are looking for osteopathy to help with their muscle and joint
pain osteopath cambridge. The good news is that there are simple steps to help you avoid these
common aches and pains.
Step 1. Stand up every 30 minutes
Even if you have the perfect desk setup and the best ergonomic chair the longer you sit without
moving, the quicker your postural muscles and joints will fatigue. Over time this can lead to knotted
muscles and shoulder and neck pain. Standing up for 1 minute resets your posture and reduces the
chance of postural fatigue.
Step 2. Walk around your room every hour
Bodies are not designed to be stuck in one position for too long. Our muscles and joints like to be
moving. Walking is a great way of loosening up joints and muscles and getting the blood flowing which
helps keep our tissues healthy neck pain cause. Aim to walk around your room for one minute every
hour. If you don’t have space to walk then standing up and gently swinging your arms backwards and
forwards and from side to side will have a similar effect.
Step 3. Get some fresh air once a day
Although standing up at your desk and moving will help you avoid postural fatigue there is no
substitute for getting out for a walk and some fresh air. A brisk 15 to 20 minute walk will not only get
your muscles and joints moving but will also help your cardiovascular system stay healthy and help
the brain stay focused. Try and get out at least once during the working day.
Follow these 3 simple steps and you can reduce your risk of developing desk related shoulder, neck
and back pain. If you would like more information please contact us at our Cambridge Osteopathy
Clinic to find out more about how we can help you with your muscle and joint pain.
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