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Copyright © 1996 by the authors. ISBN 962-593-148-1
Freshwater Fishes of Western Indonesia and Sulawesi:
Additions and Corrections
Maurice Kottelat * and Anthony J. Whitten **
* Department of Zoology, National University of Singapore, Kent Ridge, Singapore 119260.
Address for correspondence: Case postale 57, CH-2952 Cornol, Switzerland. E-mail: [email protected]
** Asia Technical Department, World Bank, 1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433, USA. E-mail: [email protected]
The first printing of the Freshwater Fishes of Western Indonesia and Sulawesi recorded the 964 fish species known to occur in this area
as at December 31, 1991. On-going research by the authors and colleagues has led to the discovery of 79 additional species. As it is not
possible at this stage to include them in this reprint, we are providing hereunder a list of these changes, together with bibliographic references, to assist the interested readers.
As explained in the Introduction (p. xxi-xxiii), fish systematics is a dynamic field and the scientific names of fishes may have to be
altered as a result of new scientific discoveries. In areas where the fauna is well known, the nomenclature is quite stable, but in areas still
poorly known these changes are more frequent. The following list also includes changes of the names of 45 species and the deletion of
11. This number of changes and additions outlines that much more work is needed before we reach a reasonable knowledge of western
Indonesian freshwater fishes. The additions and corrections are as known to us by the 31 May 1996. The total recorded freshwater fish
fauna in the area now is 1032. Only geographic distribution or range extensions within the area of the book are mentionned.
Cetakan pertama buku Ikan-ikan Air Tawar di Indonesia Bagian Barat dan Sulawesi mencakup 964 jenis ikan yang diketahui terdapat di kawasan ini sampai tanggal 31 Desember 1991. Sejak itu penelitian lanjutan yang dilakukan oleh para
penulis dan peneliti lainnya menemukan 79 jenis baru. Karena tidak memungkinkan untuk memasukkan jenis-jenis baru ini
dalam cetakan ulang ini, untuk membantu pembaca yang berminat di bawah ini kami cantumkan daftar jenis yang baru
disertai dengan rujukan yang relevan.
Seperti diuraikan dalam bagian Pendahuluan (h. xxi-xxiii), sistematika ikan merupakan bidang ilmu yang dinamis sehingga nama ilmiah ikan harus diperbarui sesuai dengan penemuan-penemuan baru. Di tempat-tempat yang ikannya
dikenal baik, tata nama ikan tidak banyak berubah agak, tetapi di tempat-tempat yang fauna ikannya tidak terlalu dikenal,
perubahan nama ini lebih sering terjadi. Daftar berikut ini juga mencakup perubahan nama untuk 45 jenis dan sebelas
nama jenis telah dihilangkan. Perubahan jumlah jenis dan adanya jenis-jenis tambahan ini menekankan perlunya penelitian lebih lanjut sebelum kita dapat cukup mengenal ikan-ikan air tawar di Indonesia Barat. Tambahan dan perubahan
ini kami lakukan sesuai dengan informasi yang kami miliki sampai tanggal 31 Mei 1996. Jenis ikan air tawar yang saat ini
diketahui di kawasan ini berjumlah 1032. Informasi tambahan mengenai distribusi ikan atau kisaran penyebarannya
dibatasi untuk daerah-daerah di dalam kawasan yang dicakup dalam buku ini.
Pristis pristis
Misidentified. Correct name: P. microdon (Last and Stevens,
1994: 364).
Anguilla borneensis
Correct name: Anguilla malgumora (Bauchot, Desoutter and
Castle, 1993: 95).
Himantura chaophraya
Correct name apparently Himantura polylepis; needs further research (Last and Stevens, 1994: 399).
Gymnothorax fimbriatus
Addition; Java (Pangandarem) (E. B. Böhlke, pers. comm.)
Clupeichthys perakensis
Addition; Sumatra (Riau) (MK, pers. obs.).
Himantura oxyrhynchus
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak), Sumatra (P. Last, pers. comm.). As
H. krempfi in Compagno and Roberts (1982). Synonymy follows
P. Last (pers. comm.).
Key, couplet 2a: go to 3.
Hypolophus sephen
Correct name is Pastinachus sephen (Last and Stevens, 1994:
Barbodes balleroides
Specimen illustrated on pl. 5 (Kapuas basin, Borneo) apparently
represents an unnamed species (Kottelat, 1995b: 407).
Chitala borneensis
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak), Sumatra. Earlier included in C.
lopis, distinct species according to Kottelat and Lim (1996).
Barbodes mahakkammensis
Addition; Borneo (Mahakam). Earlier included in B. balleroides;
distinct species according to Kottelat (1995b: 408).
Puntius banksi
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak, Kapuas). Earlier included in P.
binotatus; distinct species according to Kottelat and Lim (1996).
Illustrated by Herre (1940a: pl. 5).
Barilius borneensis
Correct name: Opsarius borneensis (Rainboth, 1991: 173).
Cyclocheilichthys apogon
Rohteichthys macrolepis Holly (1927: 9) is a synonym (Holly,
1933: 266).
Puntius eugrammus
Name change; three species earlier confused under this name: P.
johorensis from Sumatra, Borneo and Malay Peninsula, P. trifasciatus and P. gemellus (Kottelat, 1993: 187, 1996). Plate 15
shows P. trifasciatus.
Esomus metallicus
Addition; Borneo (Sabah), introduced (MK, pers. obs.).
Labeo erythropterus
Range extension: Sumatra (Kerinci) (Roberts, 1993b: 17).
Puntius gemellus
Addition; Sumatra (Riau, Banka), Borneo (Kalimantan Tengah)
(Kottelat, 1996: 305).
Labiobarbus kuhlii
Delete; synonym of L. leptocheilus (Roberts, 1993a: 320).
Puntius johorensis
Correct name is P. hexazona (Kottelat, 1993: 187).
Labiobarbus lamellifer
Addition; Borneo (Mahakam) (Kottelat, 1995c: 427 [note that
figures 1 and 2 have been interverted]).
Puntius kuchingensis
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak). Earlier included in P. lateristriga;
distinct species according to Kottelat and Lim (1996). Described
by Herre (1940b: 31).
Labiobarbus lineatus
Delete; synonym of L. leptocheilus (Roberts, 1993a: 320).
Puntius trifasciatus
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Tengah, Kapuas, Sarawak)
(Kottelat, 1996: 309). Illustrated on Pl. 15 as P. eugrammus.
Labiobarbus sumatranus
Delete; synonym of L. leptocheilus (Roberts, 1993a: 320).
Osteochilus chini
Addition; Borneo (eastern Sabah) (Karnasuta, 1993: 44).
Rasbora axelrodi
Range extension: Borneo (Sarawak, Kalimantan Tengah), Sumatra (Riau, Jambi) (MK, pers. obs.).
Osteochilus ingeri
Addition; Borneo (Sabah) (Karnasuta, 1993: 48).
Rasbora brigittae
Correct name: Boraras brigittae (Kottelat and Vidthayanon,
1993: 162).
Osteochilus kappenii
Read 6½ instead of 5½ scales between dorsal origin and lateral
Rasbora brittani
Addition; Sumatra (Jambi) (MK, pers. obs.).
Osteochilus partilineatus
Addition; Borneo (Kapuas basin) (Kottelat, 1995a: 52).
Rasbora kalbarensis
Range extension: Sumatra (Riau, Jambi) (pers. obs.).
Osteochilus sarawakensis
Addition; Borneo (northern Sarawak, Sabah) (Karnasuta, 1993:
Rasbora kottelati
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak) (Lim, 1995: 66).
Parachela cyanea
Addition; Borneo (Kapuas) (Kottelat, 1995a: 55).
Rasbora maculata
Correct name: Boraras maculatus (Kottelat and Vidthayanon,
1993: 162).
Parachela ingerkongi
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Timur); originally described as a
subspecies of P. oxygastroides (Banarescu, 1969: 196); distinct
species (MK, pers. obs.).
Rasbora merah
Correct name: Boraras merah (Kottelat and Vidthayanon, 1993:
Parachela maculicauda
Addition; Sumatra (Riau) (MK, pers. obs.).
Rasbora subtilis
Lateral line is complete; delete "8-10 of them pored".
Puntioplites bulu
TL 350
Rasbora urophthalmoides
Correct name: Boraras
Vidthayanon, 1993: 162).
Puntius aphya
Delete; the holotype and only known specimen is a juvenile
Leptobarbus hoeveni (Rainboth, 1991: 172).
Rasbora tuberculata
Addition; Borneo (Kapuas, Sarawak) (Kottelat, 1995a: 59).
pers. obs.; Kottelat and Lim, 1993b: 231).
Schismatorhynchos heterorhynchus
Correct spelling: S. heterorhynchos.
Tor douronensis
Delete; synonym of T. tambra (Roberts, 1993b: 22).
Pangio mariarum
Range extension: Borneo (Kalimantan Timur) (Kottelat and Lim,
1993b: 205).
Tor soro
Delete; synonym of T. tambra (Roberts, 1993b: 22).
Pangio piperata
Addition; Sumatra (Riau) (Kottelat and Lim, 1993b: 236).
Key, couplet 8a: go to 10. Couplet 8b: go to 9
Pangio pulla
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Tengah), Sumatra (Banka)
(Kottelat and Lim, 1993b: 238; MK, pers. obs.).
Homaloptera nebulosa
Range extension: Sumatra (Riau) (MK, pers. obs.)
Pangio robiginosa
Addition; Java (West). Earlier included in P. cuneovirgata; distinct species (MK, pers. obs.).
Nemacheilus kapuasensis
Range extension: Sumatra (Riau) (MK, pers. obs.)
Pangio semicincta
Addition; Borneo, Sumatra. Earlier included in P. kuhlii; distinct
species (MK. pers. obs.); P. kuhlii is restricted to Java.
Nemacheilus lactogeneus
Range extension: Sumatra (Riau) (MK, pers. obs.).
Pangio shelfordii
Range extension: Sumatra (Riau, Jambi, Banka) (Kottelat and
Lim, 1993b: 241).
Nemacheilus ornatissimus
Addition; Borneo (Sabah) (Chin and Samat, 1992: 26).
Neohomaloptera johorensis
Range extension: Sumatra (Riau, Jambi, Banka) (MK, pers. obs.)
Vaillantella cinnamomea
Addition; Borneo (Mahakam) (Kottelat, 1994: 428).
Hemibagrus bongan
Addition; Borneo (Kapuas). Earlier included in H. nemurus; distinct species (Ng and Ng, 1995: 136).
Acanthopsoides molobrion
Range extension: Sumatra (Riau) (MK, pers. obs.).
Hemibagrus gracilis
Addition; material from Borneo (Sarawak: Rejang) tentatively referred to this species (Ng and Ng, 1995: 136).
Acanthopsoides robertsi
Range extension: Borneo (Sarawak) (Kottelat and Lim, 1996)
Hemibagrus hoevenii
Addition; Java, Borneo, Sumatra. Earlier included in H. nemurus;
distinct species (Kottelat and Lim, 1995: 39).
Kottelatlimia cf. katik
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Barat, Kalimantan Tengah, Kalimantan Selatan), Sumatra (Jambi) (MK, pers. obs.; Kottelat and
Lim, 1993a: 212). See Nalbant (1994: 377) for generic position.
Leiocassis armatus
Correct name: Nannobagrus armatus (Mo, 1991: 143).
Leiocassis breviceps
Correct name: Pseudomystus breviceps (Mo, 1991: 140).
Lepidocephalichthys pristes
Correct name: Kottelatlimia pristes. Range extension: Borneo
(Sarawak), Sumatra (Kottelat and Lim, 1993a: 215).
Leiocassis fuscus
Correct name: Pseudomystus fuscus (Mo, 1991: 140).
Lepidocephalichthys tomaculum
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Timur), Sumatra (Jambi) (MK,
pers. obs.; Kottelat and Lim, 1993a: 216)
Leiocassis inornatus
Correct name: Pseudomystus inornatus (Mo, 1991: 140).
Pangio alternans
Addition; Borneo (Mahakam) (Kottelat and Lim, 1993b: 210).
Leiocassis leiacanthus
Correct name: Pseudomystus leiacanthus (Mo, 1991: 140).
Pangio cuneovirgata
Range extension: Sumatra (Riau, Jambi) (Kottelat and Lim,
1993b: 215).
Leiocassis mahakamensis
Correct name: Pseudomystus mahakamensis (Mo, 1991: 140).
Pangio incognito
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak) (Kottelat and Lim, 1993b: 221).
Leiocassis micropogon
Correct name might be L. poecilopterus according to Roberts
(1993b: 27), but more research needed.
Pangio malayana
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Barat), Sumatra (Jambi) (MK,
Leiocassis moeschii
Correct name: Pseudomystus moeschii (Mo, 1991: 140).
Pangasius kinabantangensis
Addition; Borneo (Sabah, Kalimantan Timur) (Roberts and
Vidthayanon, 1991: 123; MK, pers. obs.).
Leiocassis myersi
Correct name: Pseudomystus myersi (Mo, 1991: 140).
Leiocassis poecilopterus
The species on Plate 31 is apparently Pseudomystus leiacanthus
(K. Lim, pers. comm.).
Glyptothorax major
Range extension: Sumatra (Banka) (MK, pers. obs.). Kottelat and
Lim (1996) point to problems about the name of this species.
Leiocassis robustus
Correct name: Pseudomystus robustus (Mo, 1991: 140).
Glyptothorax platypogonoides
Correct spelling is G. platypogonides.
Leiocassis rugosus
Correct name: Pseudomystus rugosus (Mo, 1991: 140).
Glyptothorax tiong
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Timur) (Popta, 1904: 191; MK,
pers. obs.). Earlier included in G. platypogonides; distinct species
(MK, pers. obs.). Other Borneo material referred to G.
platypogonides may also belong to this species.
Leiocassis stenomus
Correct name: Pseudomystus stenomus (Mo, 1991: 140).
Leiocassis vaillanti
Correct name: Pseudomystus vaillanti (Mo, 1991: 140).
Akysis fuscus
Addition; Borneo (Kapuas) (Ng and Kottelat, 1996).
Mystus baramensis
Correct name: Hemibagrus baramensis (Mo, 1991: 132).
Akysis heterurus
Addition; Sumatra (Riau) (Ng, 1996: 4).
Mystus micracanthus
Correct name: M. nigriceps (Roberts, 1993b: 29). The correct
name of the species earlier called M. nigriceps is M. singaringan.
Part of family Akysidae (Mo, 1991: 195).
Mystus nemurus
Correct name: Hemibagrus nemurus (Mo, 1991: 132).
Mystus nigriceps
Correct name: M. singaringan (Roberts, 1994: 252). The species
earlier called M. micracanthus is now called M. nigriceps.
Parakysis grandis
Addition; Sumatra (Riau, Jambi), Borneo (Kalimantan Barat,
Sarawak) (Ng and Lim, 1995: 260). Figure of P. verrucosus
(Plate 37) actually represents this species.
Mystus olyroides
Correct name: Hemibagrus olyroides (Mo, 1991: 132).
Parakysis longirostris
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Ng and Lim, 1995: 262).
Mystus planiceps
Correct name: Hemibagrus planiceps (Mo, 1991: 132).
Parakysis verrucosa
Correct spelling: P. verrucosus. Range restriction; only Malay
Peninsula and Sumatra (Bintan and Batam Is.) (Ng and Lim,
Mystus sabanus
Correct name: Hemibagrus sabanus (Mo, 1991: 132).
Encheloclarias baculum
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Barat: Sambas) (Ng and Lim,
1993: 27).
Mystus wyckii
Correct name is Hemibagrus wyckii (Mo, 1991: 132).
Ompok bimaculatus
Kottelat and Lim (1996) noted that the material from Indonesia
identified under this name probably represent a distinct species.
Encheloclarias kelioides
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Tan and Tan, 1995: 355). For
description, see Ng and Lim (1993: 30).
Silurichthys schneideri
Range extension: Borneo (Sarawak) (Kottelat and Lim, 1996).
Encheloclarias prolatus
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak) (Ng and Lim, 1993: 29).
Wallago maculatus
Addition; Borneo (Sabah). Earlier included in W. leerii; distinct
species according to Ng (1993a: 257).
Arius microcephalus
Addition; Borneo. For description, see Weber and de Beaufort
(1913: 285).
Helicophagus typus
Distribution: add Sumatra.
Phenacostethus smithi
Addition; Sumatra (Riau) (MK, pers. obs.).
Omobranchus meniscus
Recently discovered in Singapore; expected in area (K. Lim, pers.
Tondanichthys kottelati
Addition; Sulawesi (lake Tondano) (Collette, 1995: 172).
Key: 1b: read: lateral trunk ridge confluent or not with inferior
tail ridge.
Fig. 219: figures (a) and (b) have been interverted.
Omobranchus zebra
Presence confirmed; Borneo (Sarawak) (K. Lim, pers. comm.).
Microphis leiaspis
Read: lateral and inferior trunk ridges not distinct.
Eleotris acanthopomus
Range extension: Borneo (Sarawak), Bali (MK, pers. obs.).
Gymnochanda flamea
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Tengah) (Roberts, 1995: 268).
Key: Fig. 280 A and B are interverted
Fig. 300. The lower right extremity of fig. a is missing.
Gymnochanda limi
Addition; Sumatra (Jambi) (Kottelat, 1995d: 56).
Acentrogobius cyanomos
Correct name: Aulopareia cyanomos (Lim and Larson, 1994:
Paradoxodacna piratica
Range extension: Borneo (Kalimantan Tengah), Sumatra (Jambi)
(Roberts, 1995: 271).
'Awaous' megacephalus
Correct name: Parawaous megacephalus (Watson, 1993: 177).
Callogobius stellatus
Addition; Bali (MK, pers. obs.).
Parambassis apogonoides
Delete: "Supraorbital ridge smooth ending in a single spine posteriorly".
Drombus globiceps
Probably a synonym of D. ocyurus (Lim and Larson, 1994: 259).
Parambassis punctulatus
Correct name: Parambassis siamensis (Roberts, 1995: 283).
Species widely distributed on mainland southeast Asia; presence
on Java apparently results from introduction.
Lentipes whittenorum
Addition; Bali, Flores (Watson and Kottelat, 1994: 353).
Mugilogobius chulae
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Tan and Tan, 1995: 356).
Epinephelus malabaricus
Addition; enters estuarine areas (Randall and Heemstra, 1991:
Mugilogobius mertoni
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Tan and Tan, 1995: 356).
Epinephelus polystigma
Addition; Sumatra, Sulawesi; brackish and freshwaters (Randall
and Heemstra, 1991: 235).
Mugilogobius rambaiae
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Tan and Tan, 1995: 356).
Mugilogobius adeia
Addition; Sulawesi: Lake Matano (Larson and Kottelat, 1992:
Correct name: Coiidae (Roberts and Kottelat, 1994: 258).
Datnioides microlepis
Correct name: Coius quadrifasciatus (Roberts and Kottelat, 1994:
Oxyurichthys ophthalmonema
Correct spelling: O. ophthalmonemus.
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus
Correct name: Pseudapocryptes elongatus (Ferraris, 1995: 984).
Datnioides quadrifasciatus
Correct name: Coius quadrifasciatus (Roberts and Kottelat, 1994:
Lobotes surinamensis
Pseudogobius avicennia
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Tan and Tan, 1995: 356).
Pl. 55
Pseudogobiopsis oligactis
Range extension: Borneo (Sarawak) (Kottelat and Lim, 1996)
Gerres filamentosus
D IX,10-11
Pseudogobiopsis siamensis
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak), Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Kottelat and
Lim, 1996; Tan and Tan, 1995: 356).
Key: couplet 8a: read appendage instead of assemblage. Couplet
8b: read No swimbladder appendage.
Redigobius dispar
Range extension: Bali (MK, pers. obs.).
Betta pugnax
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Tan and Tan, 1995: 357).
Sicyopus balinense
Delete; synonym of S. zosterophorum (Watson, 1995b: 87); species on Pl. 72 is S. discordipinnis, a species known only from
New Guinea, New Hanover and Bougainville islands (Watson,
1995c: 273).
Betta schalleri
Addition; Sumatra (Banka) (Kottelat and Ng, 1994: 74).
Stigmatogobius brocki
Delete; synonym of S. borneensis (Lim and Larson, 1994: 261).
Betta spilotogena
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Ng and Kottelat, 1994: 606).
Stiphodon elegans
Delete; this species is restricted to islands of the Central pacific
(Watson, 1995a: 42); material from the area belongs to several
other species, most still undescribed; see below.
Betta waseri
Delete; no definitive record from area; material identified as B.
waseri (Kottelat et al., 1993: pl. 77) actually is another, possibly
unnamed species (Ng and Kottelat, 1994: 610).
Stiphodon ornatus
Addition; Sumatra. Earlier included in S. elegans; distinct species
(Watson, 1994: 88).
Bihunichthys monopteroides
Addition; Sumatra (Palembang, Bintan I.) (Kottelat and Lim,
1994: 187; MK, pers. obs.).
Betta simorum
Addition; Sumatra (Riau, Banka) (Tan and Ng, 1996: 144).
P. 164 running head should read Belontiidae, p. 165 Channidae,
p. 171 Soleidae.
The earlier families Luciocephalidae, Belontiidae and Osphronemidae are now considered to be a single family (Britz, 1994;
Britz et al., 1995). Both Luciocephalidae and Osphronemidae
have been created by Bleeker (1859) and we retain Osphronemidae as the valid name.
Chendol lubricus
Addition; Borneo (Mahakam) (Kottelat and Lim, 1994: 186).
Chendol keelini
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Tengah), Sumatra (Batam I.)
(Kottelat and Lim, 1994: 183).
Figs. 325-327 should be invereted, with head pointing to the
Betta albimarginata
Addition; Borneo (Kalimantan Timur) (Kottelat and Ng, 1994:
Achiroides melanorhynchus
Correct spelling: A. melanorhijnchus.
Arothron immaculatus
Addition; Bali (MK, pers. obs.).
Betta burdigala
Addition; Sumatra (Banka) (Kottelat and Ng, 1994: 70).
Betta channoides
Addition; Borneo (Mahakam) (Kottelat and Ng, 1994: 71).
Arothron manillensis
Addition; Bali (MK, pers. obs.).
Betta chini
Addition; Borneo (Sabah) (Ng, 1993b: 289).
Carinotetraodon salivator
Addition; Borneo (Sarawak) (Lim and Kottelat, 1995: 359).
Betta chloropharynx
Addition; Sumatra (Banka) (Kottelat and Ng, 1994: 72).
Chonerhinos silus
Read: caudal peduncle relatively slender.
Betta enisae
Addition; Borneo (Kapuas) (Kottelat, 1995a: 60).
Tetraodon hilgendorfii
Addition; Borneo (Mahakam) (Kottelat, 1995b: 417).
Betta miniopinna
Addition; Sumatra (Bintan I.) (Tan and Tan, 1994: 42).
The colour separater omitted the following corrections in the captions of the plates:
correct name
instead of
correct name
instead of
Chitala lopis
Notopterus borneensis
Lutjanus russellii
Lutjanus russelli
Barbodes collingwoodi
Barbodes collingwoodii
Hypergastromyzon eubranchus,
53 mm SL
Pristolepis grootii
Pristolepis grooti
Acanthopsoides robertsi
Acanthopsoides cf. gracilis
Liza melinopterus
Liza melinoptera
Pangio kuhlii
Pangio semicincta
Trypauchenichthys sumatrensis
Liposarcus pardalis
Hyposarcus pardalis
Dermogenys ebrardtii
Dermogenys ebrardti
Channa melanopterus
Channa melanoptera
Leiognathus blochii
Leiognathus blochi
Lagocephalus lunaris
Sphoeroides lunaris
32 mm SL
Datnioides microlepis
Coius microlepis
Datnioides quadrifasciatus
Coius quadrifasciatus
We are pleased to thank Eugenia B. Böhlke, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Peter R. Last, CSIRO, Hobart; Kelvin K. P.
Lim, Peter K. L. Ng and Tan Heok Hui, National University of Singapore, for communicating some of the data mentionned above.
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