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Butter packing machines by B e H o spol. s r.o.

B e H o spol. s r.o.
Butter packing machines
Czech Republic
About Us: Who are we?
The company B e H o spol. s ro is a Czech company with a long
tradition in the field of engineering and food industry.
All manufactured devices belong to modern machines meeting
high customer requirements.
We form one team and we are still working to strengthen the company's
reputation, which is based on honest and serious dealings with
customers. We emphasize the reliability, quality and timeliness of order
fulfillment. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.
Good technical equipment, an established system of work and qualified
staff ensure the quality of the delivered machines and products. Flawless
processes are guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification .
Services offering
Butter production lines
• Butter
making machines
• Bottle loaders
• Bottle unloaders
• Crate washers
• Centrifuges
• Churns
• Butter silos
• Butter packing machines
Managed Services
Butter packing machines
Butter silo and and butter
transport DMC-1 a DMC-2
are essential for a flexible
continuous butter making
process. Contact to B E H O
Spol. S R.O. for butter
transport equipment and call
us at – (420) 561-202- 022.
Contact Us: