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Professional Photoshop Clipping Path and Mask Service ThePix

Professional PhotoshoP CliPPing Path and
Mask serviCe| thePix
The Pix is in the image editing business since 2008 and we have done over 4 million images
since then, we know a thing or two about images processing.
Our graphic team of 50 experienced designers will be fully dedicated to you. We provide
the best clipping path service and many more.
Photoshop services are very important for people who have an online business. Photos are
very important when it comes to online business. Photos are used to attract the attention
of consumers. When they see beautiful and attractive photos on your website, you can
convince them to buy your products and to acquire the services you offer. The importance
of having effective photos is undeniable.
If you want to enhance photos for your business, you have to locate a company that can
provide a wide variety of services when it comes to photos. Photoshop services should be
available in no time especially if it used for business. Time is gold when it comes to business.
We provide product photo editing service for:
White background-Remove the background and only keep your product.
Shadows-Creating or keeping original shadows helps to add depth to your products.
Reflection-Remove wrinkles on clothes or skin, needles, tags, covered part pr any other
retouching work.
Custom- Custom (crop, center, transparent background, path, mask..) we can provide all
kind of image editing options according to your needs.
Color adjustment- Arrange color settings to get the best out of your images.
Coloring-Turning one color item into a full range of colors.
Invisible Neck-Combine 2 images into one to get a perfect result.
PG + PSD-To get your images ready for your online business and PSD file if you want to get
further on your own.
We offer the Lowest price and prices starts from $ 1 flat rate per image, Free sample and
more than 500 monthly images. So get a quote with our advanced options and a dedicated
account manager.
We’ve made our web platform easy for you to choose the editing format you need and
upload your images without any computer knowledge. If you need some help placing your
order, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.
You can upload your images directly in our platform, FTP, or by link (wetransfer, Google
Drive, Dropbox…) just let us know and we will adapt to your needs. We also provide
best product photo editing service.
Once you choose all technical details you need you can pay for your order directly on our
web platform by credit card or PayPal. We also offer monthly billing for customers with
more than 500 monthly images.