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What Is The Best Treatment For Hangovers?

What Is The Best Treatment For
The best way to beat the hangover is to drink alcohol at a moderate limit. But
sometimes, a due number of reasons we drink a lot and the next morning experience
an extreme hangover that makes us helpless to do our everyday tasks.
As a result of a hangover, you will experience several symptoms such as hangover
headache, nausea, tiredness, dehydration, and so on. You will be surprised to know
that the primary reason that causes hangover headache is dehydration.
There are high chances that you’re aware of the general hangover cure, such as
drinking pickle juice, rubbing a lemon, and several others. However, few of them
are supported by science, while others are just myths. Besides these, there are some
other treatments also that offer hangover cure.
1. Avoid Drinking Empty Stomach:This is one of the best thumbs of the rule you can apply while going to attend to
binge drinking sessions. Drinking alcohol with an empty stomach prompts your
body to absorb alcohol instantly, which causes issues such as intoxication and of
course hangover headache. It is recommended to have some proper meals before
drinking alcohol.
2. Water:As I have mentioned earlier that the primary cause of a hangover is dehydration. So
it is essential to drink adequate water to satisfy the need of the fluid in your body.
The best time to drink water to keep your body hydrated is to drink it before sleep.
If water alone is not able to satisfy your thirst, then you can prefer an oral
rehydration solution. These are a clinically proven way to stay hydrated and
satisfy your thirst level as they contain body essentials such as sodium.
3. Take Plenty Of Sleep:Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the reasons that brings sleep disturbance.
However, if you drink a moderate limit of alcohol, then it can prompt better sleep.
If you don’t get adequate sleep, then it will make your hangover experience worse.
Headache, fatigue, and irritability are such symptoms that can appear as a result of
lack of sleep.
4. Hangover Oral Rehydration Therapy:Drinking non-alcoholic beverages such as electrolyte supplements post the alcohol
sessions can reduce the level of dehydration in your body. Hangover oral
rehydration therapy makes the rehydration process rapid and helps you feel better
instantly. This is one of the best ways to stay hydrated. Also, if you’re concerned
about the additional calories that you will get, then worry not because the
electrolyte drinks offered by RecoverORS contain only essentials, which mean no
additional calories.
5. Moderation And Time Is A key:This should be the first point, but we have kept it last. Hangover happens as a result
of excessive alcohol consumption. So the best way to prevent a hangover is to drink
a lesser amount of alcohol or take some rest until you feel better. Also, higher
alcohol consumption causes serious effects on health. So moderation is the best key
to prevent the hangover.
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