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children counselling

Advantages of children's counselling
Going to the psychologist is no longer a thing of crazy people; neither in adults nor in
children. It is just about going to a professional who will help you to solve your problems. In
most cases of people who come for the first time, to solve what is happening. Going to the
psychologist should not be seen as something negative, but as a step towards change and
improvement. The situation is more and more normalized; in schools, there is a
multidisciplinary team that also has psychologists, among other specialists, for the diagnosis
of different pathologies. Infidelity counselling also helps in a child's therapy.
The role of the child psychologist
It is unnecessary to have a mental illness to go to a psychologist, stress and anxiety are
increasingly common problems in your society, and children do not get rid of these problems.
But you should not go to a child psychologist for any problem, that is, childhood is full of
times of changes and adaptations to life. Only if certain situations persist over time, or those
problems affect you in your day to day is when you have to plate it. Couples
counselling helps in solving relationship problems.
It is very important that the child who goes to the psychologist does not feel stigmatized,
pointed out by their peers because many children do not want to count it for these reasons.
They do not want to be pointed with the finger-like children with serious, crazy problems,
that the only way that comes out of that madness is going to a specialist.
Because today child psychologists go beyond treating diseases or disorders, a psychologist is
a counsellor and an evaluator.
Basic pillars of child therapy
Sometimes dealing with a problem with someone from outside the environment, who is not
emotionally involved, will help to resolve it immediately. It is because they will take a
different approach than the one that is involved in the problem. Among the basic skills of
every therapist of children and adolescents, you can find sincerity, empathy, and warmth. It is
necessary when establishing the intense communication that is necessary for a good infant
therapy. The basis is very similar to counselling in adults, but the work of the child
psychologist is based on two basic pillars. On the one hand, communication with parents is of
great importance, so family sessions must be held, but they must be meetings in which
parents and children must agree. Especially when the children are adolescents, which is when
more can rebel against this. Addiction Counselling helps in removing several addiction.
Advantages of Children Counselling
Another difference, and which is also a great advantage, is that children and adolescents who
start a counselling process achieve changes much faster than adults. This is because they have
not been affected for as long, and by tackling the root problem, the solution is much easier. In
addition, children also have the advantage of being more flexible to changes than adults. The
learned behaviours and personal hobbies of each are not an advantage in this regard.
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