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Tips For Choosing A Vein Specialist

Tips For Choosing A Vein Specialist
Choosing a varicose vein specialist is a difficult process for many patients.
Varicose veins are all those elongated or tortuous superficial veins of the legs
that, in many cases, a condition not only an aesthetic problem but a health
problem. It is an extremely frequent pathology in the general population.
Varicose veins frequently cause symptoms of heaviness, cramps, itching, and
nonspecific discomfort that can lead to pain and edema (swelling). A very
special group of patients with venous insufficiency are pregnant women, in
whom the development and progression of varicose veins and their symptoms
are accelerated.
The varices are a benign pathology and, as such, after an accurate assessment
by Doppler ultrasound by the vein specialist near me, can be treated equally
so benign.
We have several treatment possibilities, which must be combined by experts in
the field to obtain the best results in the shortest time and with the least
impact on the daily life of patients affected by this pathology.
As varicose vein treatments have evolved, new medical specialties have been
developed to provide the latest techniques for patients.
There are three types of doctors who treat varicose veins and other vein
Vascular surgeon.
Interventional radiologist.
They are all vein doctor near me in varicose veins with training in different
areas that are related to each other.
Typically, anyone of the three is a varicose vein specialist capable of using
minimally invasive procedures to treat varicose veins, such as endovenous
laser treatment, sclerotherapy, and radiofrequency ablation. These are
modern techniques that can be performed in the doctor's office rather than a
hospital and require much less recovery time.
Vascular surgeon
The vascular surgeon uses varicose vein removal to treat the problem in your
veins through surgery. However, his surgical knowledge and skill help him
perform minimally invasive procedures with greater capacity.
The vascular doctor near me may also perform more invasive procedures that
require general anesthesia and recovery in the hospital.
Interventional radiologist
An interventional radiologist is a doctor who practices another sub-specialty
that helps varicose veins. These doctors invented angioplasty, and have
developed similar techniques to treat varicose veins.
A phlebologist is a varicose vein specialist who has obtained special training in
vein diseases and treatments. Most phlebologists focus on leg veins and
related diseases.
Which varicose vein specialist is superlative?
The phlebologist is a specialist in varicose veins who normally concentrates on
their superficial problems. Most of the time, they are only trained to perform
procedures such as sclerotherapy, which serves to eliminate only cosmetic
problems of varicose veins. Still, they do not eliminate the root of the problem.
For their part, interventional radiologists are trained to diagnose the severity
of a varicose vein problem. This serves to choose the most appropriate
treatment for each of the cases. Some of the interventional radiologists can
perform minimally invasive procedures to treat both root and surface
The doctor near me who can offer you comprehensive treatment for varicose
vein problems is the vascular surgeon, who is trained to perform most
procedures and can be supported by a radiologist to evaluate each specific
Ideally, you should go to a specialist in a vein clinic near me that can offer you
comprehensive treatment through various specialists.
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