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Everything you should keep in mind when installing fiber optics

Everything you should keep in mind when
installing fiber optics
Fiber optics continues to increase its coverage in our country and thereby getting more and more
users. The plans of the operators are to have the maximum number of customers with this
technology that offers more advantages and less maintenance costs. For this reason, we are
going to review everything that we must take into account when we install Fibre Deals South
Africa at home.
Fiber optics is the latest broadband technology that offers a multitude of advantages over
traditional copper connections. Despite this, its deployment is not easy or economical since it
requires re-wiring all cities and buildings, since the traditional copper cable is not compatible. In
addition, the technology known as FTTH, fiber optic to the home, requires the fiber cable to enter
our home, which increases the difficulty of installation.
Although users have various reasons for not embracing fiber optics , the truth is that there is
currently no point in not doing so if they have coverage. Of course, as we have commented, it
will be necessary a new installation and get used to new equipment.
Types of facilities
At all times we are going to talk about FTTH, since in the case of HFC the installation changes
slightly. To see the different types of facilities we have to look back a little.
While in older buildings "you have to find spaces to deploy the network, such as garages, patios,
elevator shafts or simply the facade. Fibre Installation South Africa can go home in two different
By verticals for new homes using patios or interior ducts
For facade for old addresses
This is the entry point for Fibre Installation in the home. Unlike cable connections, it is necessary
to have a converter for light signals into electrical ones. This equipment is called ONT and more
and more it is betting on installing a hybrid model that integrates it within the router. Otherwise,
we will have an ONT and then a router connected to the first one with a network cable.
Aspects to consider
The installer for Best Fibre South Africa that comes to our house will guide us at all times on the
best way to carry out the installation, although as always, we will have the last word. The
installers often go “to fixed pinion” and we will be the ones that best know our needs. This is
especially important in the collation of devices.
For example, placing the Wi-Fi router at one point or another in the house will make the
performance more or less good. Therefore, we will insist that Vodacom Fibre Coverage be placed
in the best possible location. It is also important to have the router close to the equipment that
we are going to connect by cable, the only way to get 100% performance from the optical fiber.
So Fibre Deals is best way to keep home safe and guard it from moisture.
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