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Advantages and disadvantages of MBBS in Ukraine

Advantages and disadvantages of
MBBS in Ukraine
There are a lot of advantages of studying in Europe, but only a few will let you know about
the disadvantages or problems you can have in pursuing MBBS in Ukraine. But we will start
by knowing the advantages first:
1.Medium of teaching: the medium of teaching is chosen keeping in mind about the
international students so the students are instructed or taught in English language.
2.Ukrainian culture is very rich and its better than a few other Russian counterparts, so you
will not feel homesick and you’ll get something new to learn.
3. Affordable education: the education in ukraine is affordable for a middle class parent,
starting from 25 lacs and goes upto 32 lacs for the whole course.
4.Government universities: there are a lot of government universities that are approved by
MCI and WHO. Students can choose the government universities over the private ones.
5.Infrastructure in the universities is great and they have well equipped laboratories and
6.Faculty: the teaching staff is fluent at English and well educated in their respective
subjects so the students don’t have to face any issue related to that. The faculty inculcates
good values in the students.
7.Security: Ukrainian universities are great for international students for security purpose.
There are guards and campus protection for students all the time. The universities are well
equipped by CCTV cameras.
8.Very good opportunities to get exposure in other European medical universities in various
conferences held by them.
Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine:
1.Language could be a barrier for interaction with the patients as the local people only
speak Ukrainian or Russian language. If you learn these languages in the starting of your
course it will be beneficial for you. The universities teach these languages along with the
course curriculum, you should take keen interest in learning the language along with the
course as it will help in interaction with the patients and will also enhance your confidence.
2.There are certain universities in Ukraine that are not medical colleges but have a
department of medical sciences. If you take admission in such colleges, it could be a
problem for you as they have poor infrastructure and cannot provide quality education due
to the lack of facilities.
3.If you get admission in any university that is based in a small town and have very low
population, you will not get proper exposure to the patients and hence you will not be able
to learn properly.
4.Weather can be a big problem for some people. Some people might like the cold weather
but for some people it is very hard to handle the extreme weather. The temperature falls
down from -10° to -15°. You should be well equipped with heaters and and other facilities.
Distractions- Some cities in Ukraine are very advanced with a very modern lifestyle. There
are cities with a lot of night entertainment clubs, restaurants, discos, sports entertainment
and other social clubs, high speed internet which can be a big distraction when even
parents are not there to keep an open eye on them.
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