Interested in Taking Loan Just register Loan Online

Interested in Taking Loan? Just register Loan Online
You may familiarize yourself with the conditions of insurance and tariffs on the website or by phone
of the selected insurance company. The guarantor provides similar documents. In case of
registration of the spouse and the client as the Guarantor or in the case of accounting for the total
income of the spouses, an additional marriage certificate is provided.
Registration for the Loan
A loan for consumer needs online using the Internet Banking and Mobile Application systems. The
provision is made to applicants receiving wages and equivalent income to current (settlement) bank
accounts to which bank payment cards have been issued with any bank for at least 3 months
preceding the date of the application for a loan.
Step for register loan through internet banking
Applications for a loan using the Internet Banking and Mobile Application systems are generated
through the “Credits” tab, “Apply for an online loan”.
Monitoring of the application for the subsequent conclusion of the loan agreement is carried out
through the “Loans” tab → “Issued applications for online credit”.
Requirements for the applicant when applying for a consumer loan
No loans are granted to the following categories of applicants:
foreign citizens and stateless persons who do not have a residence permit;
individuals under the age of 18 years;
individuals whose age has reached - 58 years for women and 63 years for men;
individuals who do not have a permanent source of income on the territory of the Republic
of Belarus;
individuals who have bad debts to the Bank, overdue debts to other banks and (or) having a
negative credit history;
Individuals whose average monthly net income (income minus expenses of the applicant)
does not exceed the budget of the subsistence minimum on average per capita.
individual entrepreneurs;
applicants for whom the bank does not have relevant data of an identity document;
applicants who do not have a current (settlement) bank account at the bank, to which a
debit bank payment card has been issued, to which wages and equivalent payments, and
(or) pension are credited;
Connect the service to receive information about the balance of your card and transactions. Manage
your account online, make purchases and money transfers, pay for utilities and mobile
communications, and also repay loans.
The Bank for registration loans in glendale provides Loans by crediting the Loan amount to a current
account opened with the Bank in the name of the Borrower. Depending on the conditions of the
Loan Program, the Client is able to either receive a lump sum of money within the Loan amount
credited by the Bank to the Client’s current account within one month from the date of crediting
without charging a commission for the issue of cash or lump sum transfer of money within the
amount The loan credited by the Bank to the Customer’s current account, without charging a
commission for the transfer in accordance with the Commission fee I am for the execution of orders
of individuals - customers of the Bank.
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