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IELTS Listening Test - Can I Get Band 9

IELTS Listening Test - Can I Get Band 9?
IELTS will comprise four English language skills tests. They are reading, writing, speaking
and listening.
Out of all these four skill tests, the listening test is very challenging for the candidates.
There are many candidates who ask whether it is possible to get band 9 for IELTS
Seriously speaking, getting band score 9 in IELTS Listening is possible.
By using these IELTS tips, you can easily enhance your score in IELTS. You can even get a
band 9 in the test.
Useful Listening Tips For Band 9 In IELTS
Increase your general listening skills
The IELTS Listening judges your listening skills. You can use practice tests to improve
understanding of IELTS. But, they may not be suitable for improving listening skills.
Practice tests are not enough! They will teach you everything about the test, but will not
enhance your listening skills. It is always better to do various types of listening exercises.
Listen to plenty of general listening materials
Listening material can be anything such as TV-shows, Videos, radio reports, documental
programs, etc)
Learn to increase your vocabulary
Section 3 of the listening test is about education (nine out of ten times).
For example:
A group of students talking about an assignment
A tutor and the students talking about a project.
So, if you learn all the related vocabulary, you will be in a position to do your best.
This way it will be easy for you to understand this section better.
Finding the right answers
You will have to take a look at the questions before you start listening to the audio. This
will help you focus on what words or phrases to look for.
For instance:
Name of the candidate: ……………..
Course applied: …………...
Program Duration: ………………………………..
University Name:............
Obviously, you will have to spot the answers that you need.
You will listen carefully. You will try to spot the name of the candidate, the name of the
course the candidate has applied, the duration of the program and the name of the
university and the location.
Understand the situation
You will have to understand the situation. You will have to focus on the short introduction.
This will give you a clear idea of what to expect. You cannot find this information on the
paper. So, listen carefully to get the gist of the situation.
Attention is important
Don’t lose attention. You will hear the audio once and there will be no second chance.
Words you may not listen to may create a problem for you. So, focus on listening.
Look for the words that are needed to arrive at the right answers.
Do not be in a hurry. You will have to answer smartly. But, do not wait for a longer time
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