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GE International
"As one of the world’s most diverse and best performing global enterprises recognized repeatedly for leadership and innovation - they offer our employees an
environment where what we imagine we can make happen, developing new
technologies and services to grow our businesses.
About the company
GE traces its beginnings to Thomas A. Edison, who established Edison Electric
Light Company in 1878. In 1892, a merger of Edison General Electric Company
and Thomson-Houston Electric Company created General Electric Company. GE is
the only company listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Index today that was also
included in the original index in 1896.
Today GE is a diversified technology, services and financial services company
with operations in more than 100 countries and with over 300,000 employees
worldwide. The Company has 11 global businesses, ranging from Advanced
Materials, Commercial Finance, Consumer Finance, Consumer and Industrial,
Energy, Equipment and Other Services, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Insurance, NBC
Universal, and Transportation.
GE is a company where possibilities are unlimited. You can change jobs, change
industries, even change career direction, without ever changing companies. Our
diversity provides limitless educational opportunities, which is unmatched in world
business. We invest $1 billion per year in training our people.
Why we choose GE
GE and its employees are committed to being a good corporate citizen through
high ethical standards, leadership in corporate governance, environmental
compliance and community engagement.
GE continues to earn the respect of the business world. Once again, GE topped
Fortune magazine’s top 500 companies. It holds 6th position consecutively for the
second time.
GE is recognized as being among the world's best-run companies and was named
the World's Most Respected Company for 2003 for the sixth consecutive year by
the "Financial Times". GE was also presented with the Catalyst Award 2004 for its
innovative, effective and measurable initiatives to advance women employees. GE
was honored as one of the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers
GE has a long and proud history of supporting the communities where its
employees live and work. Contributing more than $140 million and over one
million volunteer hours worldwide in 2003, GE is making an impact in local
communities, educational standards and the environment in its communities all
over the world.
Former CEO Jack Welch (now retired), introduced this concept at GE. During his
work period GE was prized most deal-making, cost-cutting and efficient
organization. Every day, everyone at GE has the power to influence company’s
reputation — everywhere they do business. The Spirit & the Letter helps to ensure
that, after more than 125 years, we still conduct our affairs with unyielding
integrity. For well over a century, GE employees have worked hard to uphold the
highest standards of ethical business conduct. They seek to go beyond simply
obeying the law — they embrace the spirit of integrity. GE’s Code of Conduct
articulates that spirit by setting out general principles of conduct everywhere, every
day and by every GE employee.
GE’s code of conduct
The laws and regulations governing the business conduct world wide
• Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all your GE activities and relationships.
• Avoid all conflicts of interest between work and personal affairs.
• Foster an atmosphere in which fair employment practices extend to every
member of the diverse GE community.
• Strive to create a safe work place and to protect the environment.
• Through leadership at all levels, sustain a culture where ethical conduct is
recognized, valued and exemplified by all the employees.
It also provides other information regarding the rules and regulations of the
business like hoe to deal with the government; customers etc. Employees and
leaders who violate the spirit or letter of GE’s policies are subject to disciplinary
action up to and including termination of employment.
• Six sigma
Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process that helps us focus on developing and
delivering near-perfect products and service. The central idea behind Six Sigma is
that if you can measure how many "defects" you have in a process, you can
systematically figure out how to eliminate them and get as close to "zero defects"
as possible. To achieve Six Sigma Quality, a process must produce no more than
3.4 defects per million opportunities. An "opportunity" is defined as a chance for
nonconformance, or not meeting the required specifications. This means we need
to be nearly flawless in executing our key processes.
Fair practices
Fair employment practices do more than keep GE in compliance with applicable
labor and employment laws. They contribute to a culture of respect. GE is
committed to complying with all laws pertaining to freedom of association,
privacy, collective bargaining, immigration, working time, wages and hours, as
well as laws prohibiting forced, compulsory and child labor and employment
discrimination. Beyond legal compliance, we strive to create an environment
considerate of all employees wherever GE business is being conducted.
• Base employment decisions
On job qualifications (e.g., education, prior experience) and merit. Merit includes
an individual’s skills, performance, values, leadership and other job-related criteria.
without regard to a person’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including
pregnancy), sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status or other characteristic
protected by law.
Provide a work environment
Free of improper harassment and bullying.
Respect the privacy rights
Of employees by using, maintaining and transferring personal data in accordance
with GE’s Employment Data Protection Standards and related procedures found at
integrity.ge.com. (While seeking to maintain employee privacy, GE reserves the
right to monitor use of company property, including computers, e-mail, phones,
proprietary information, etc., in accordance with applicable law.)
Take lawful affirmative actions
In the United States, and elsewhere if required by local law, to increase
opportunities in employment for women, minorities, people with disabilities
and certain veterans.
Working Environment
Employees’ performance can only flourish in a sound work environment.
That is why GE is committed to supporting its leadership culture through systems
and policies that foster open communication, maintain employee and partner
privacy, and assure employee health and safety.
• Operating with Integrity
The way they deliver results is as important as the results themselves. GE seeks to
lead in workplace and marketplace integrity by respecting the human rights of
everyone touched by our business, and by enforcing legal and financial
• Work and Life Balance
Naturally, the passion that our people bring to their work extends to their own
private worlds, and GE is committed to enabling a healthy balance between the
two. GE encourages our people to meet their work commitments while balancing
their own life responsibilities.
To support this balance, flexible work arrangements are an integral part of the way
we conduct business. The Company also offers many programs and resources to
support employees including financial management, family counseling and more.
• Quality of work life
GE assures complete support to all its employees on both professional and personal
fronts. Apart from creating a friendly and stimulating work environment, GE also
extends support to its employees in their domestic lives.
1) Leadership at GE
GE views its leaders as an extension of HR with the capacity to communicate how
each employee fits within the overall business strategy. A leader must: create a
culture of compliance in which employees understand their responsibilities and feel
comfortable raising concerns without fear of retaliation; encourage ethical conduct
and compliance with the law by personally leading compliance efforts; consider
compliance efforts when evaluating and rewarding employees; and ensure that
employees understand that business results are never more important than ethical
conduct and compliance with GE policies
Leadership Development
The Corporate Leadership Development group's mission is to run training
programmes to develop high-performing leaders, introduce and drive cultural
change, and spread key corporate initiatives. These programmes can be held at
business-owned training facilities like the GE Energy Learning Center in Florence,
Italy or at our head quarters in Brussels. Such facilities bring people together to
work, learn, and share across boundaries. It is also where we introduce newly
acquired companies to our culture, offering them a network of peers enabling them
to share best practices and business successes.
GE also offers intensive management training through special leadership
programmes. These programmes are designed to accelerate learning for high
performing employees, using a variety of methods from e-learning to action
learning, from boot camps to leadership summits. A core curriculum is managed at
a corporate level, but each GE business complements these with business specific
just-in time learning opportunities.
All Leadership development programmes have similar core objectives:
Educate employees- focusing on leadership, change, and Six Sigma.
Communicate and strengthen our employee's commitment to GE and the GE
Build bridges across boundaries by letting people interact across businesses,
functions, and hierarchies.
Enhance our customer focus; build relationships with strategic customers and
other key stakeholders.
GE works at being a true learning organization - instilling learning not only as part
of the everyday work life but also counting on employees to help train their
colleagues in their field of expertise
2) Communication
GE views communication as the most critical element. The most important thing
that they see with the HR function is that there always is a constant dialogue, as
they don’t like to hide things in GE. GE offers several channels for raising
concerns. Use the channel that is most comfortable for its employees.
• GE Board of Directors
An employee may report concerns about GE’s accounting, internal accounting
controls or auditing matters, as well as other concerns, to the Board of Directors
or the Audit Committee.
[email protected]
• GE corporate ombudsperson
The GE Ombudsperson process allows an employee to voice his integrity
questions and concerns,
[email protected]
Within the business
Generally, the supervisor or manager will be in the best position to resolve an
integrity concern quickly. However, the direct supervisor is not your only
option. Other resources include:
• Your compliance leader or auditor
• Company legal counsel
• Next level of management
3) Measuring performance
Beyond the idealized growth traits, GE also upholds four basic actions to drive
performance: imagine, solve, build and lead. Stemming from those action-oriented
qualities are the foundational values that represent GE and its common set of
beliefs: passionate, curious, resourceful, accountable, teamwork, committed, open
and energizing. This specific set of corporate values lies at the heart of GE’s unique
approach to leadership development.
Ongoing appraisal processes and evaluations help to measure performance and also
to sustain the values that GE leaders aim to embody. “Your ticket to entry at GE,
your base premise to be a part of this game, is you have to perform and you need to
have the GE values,
factors such as increasing completion, corporate restructuring and downsizing have
compelled employees to work for longer hours to meet their deadlines. This stress
could lead to various health problems. At GE, they have professional
agencies to organize regular stints of aerobic exercises, meditation and
dancing sessions for employees as part of stress management. They
also provide counseling to the employees how to manage work and
It is a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the
organization from other organizations, this system of shared meaning is, on closer
examination is a set of key characteristics that the organization values.
 individual effort is much more important than group or collective efforts
 rebels are heroes (Jack Welch was an effective rebel against most of GE's
official management practices throughout his career before he became CEO)
 going around the hierarchy is encouraged (this is the hidden purpose of
work-out, not team-based participation and improvement)
 competition is king, internally and externally
 loyalty is determined by performance
 poor performers lose face publicly
 communications are direct and confrontational
 leadership comes from individuals, not groups or teams
At General Electric, they have all begun programs aimed at keeping women
professionally engaged. The results are starting to show, as more women who
skipped out on companies that did not offer them intellectually challenging work
resurface at companies that do.
G.E. has women's networks, coaching and mentoring programs, and family-balance
policies. But Susan P. Peters, vice president for executive development, says G.E.'s
insistence that "everyone has quantity and quality to their work" may be most
responsible for the fact that 15 percent of its officers are women, up from 9 percent
in 1997.
Jeanne M. Rosario is a case in point. While rearing her two children, she worked
truncated hours and even turned down a big promotion. But, she said, G.E. never
put her on a mommy track. "They gave me as much work as I could handle; they
always let me be the one to say, 'No more!' “She said. Ms. Rosario, 53, is vice
president for commercial design and services engineering at G.E. Transportation,
making her G.E.'s highest-ranking woman in technology.
Women’s network
The GE Women's Network (GEWN) was formed to support the professional
development of women at GE, with the mission of fostering professional women's
development to help grow, attract and retain successful women throughout GE.
Development is focused on leadership, advancement and career-broadening
opportunities in a variety of ways including information, education and networking
with other men and women to learn best practices.
GE was honored as one of the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.
A "Best" Company for Working Mothers.
Competitive pay and a great job
In addition to great career opportunities. GE offers very competitive compensation
and benefit packages. While plans may vary from business to business, they all are
comprehensive and include such things as:
Stock Purchase Plan
Tuition Reimbursement
Comprehensive Health
Dental Care
Medical Leave
Parental Leave
Life Insurance
Work/Life Connections
Relocation Assistance
Pension Plan
In addition, outstanding employees may be nominated for stock options and
managerial awards.
Providing security for family
GE’s life and accident insurance plans provide eligible employees and their
families with financial protection. And, if you need more coverage than the
company provides, you have the option to purchase additional coverage at
excellent group rates.
• Employee Programs
Committed to building stronger GE communities and strengthening education and
human services, the GE Foundation supports various employee programs to
encourage personal philanthropy. Empowering participants to help shape and
direct our giving in their communities, we can support local organizations that
address the greatest needs and highest priorities
United Way
GE’s partnership with the United Way goes beyond employee campaigns and
financial contributions.
GE star scholarships for children of GE employees
Each year hundreds of children of GE employees and retirees receive scholarship
support from the GE Foundation through a highly competitive selection process.
• Parenting assistance
The company assures complete assistance in childcare and adoption processes. It
extends financial support for the education of the children and also provides
parents with the confidential and expert counseling in raising the child and
balancing work and family.
• Elder care assistance
The company helps employees find resources foe home safety and making living
arrangement for dependents. It even helps employees develop their own retirement
• Financial assistance
GE Provides resources and information in the areas like budgeting, saving,
investment plan, buying home etc.
• Legal advice
It assists in providing legal resources for sorting out problems regarding family,
law, immigration, tenant’s right etc.
• Work advice
GE Supports employees with expert advice on issues like handling stress,
managing relationships and dealing with change.
Donation to Disabled American Veterans
In October 2007, the GE Foundation, GE's philanthropic organization, announced a
two-year $1.5 million grant to Disabled American Veterans (DAV), an organization
that focuses on building better lives for disabled veterans and their families.
Donations to Memorials and Museums
GE businesses have given support to the armed services through the GE
Foundation. In the past few years, GE has donated more than $1.5 million to the
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Medal of Honor Foundation, Air Force Memorial
Foundation, Air Force Museum, Marine Corps Museum, the Pearl Harbor
Memorial Fund and the Vietnam Vets Wives.
Special Programs
Through the Operation Home front and Operation Yellow Ribbon programs, we
provide special recognition and support for our employees and their families before
and during deployments and when the employee returns to service at GE:
Operation Home front assists GE employees and their families to prepare for
upcoming military deployments.
Operation Yellow Ribbon provides a welcome home package of benefits for our
military heroes returning from extended periods of active duty.
Recruiting from the Military
GE has a long history of hiring enlisted military and veterans and has appeared on
GI Jobs Magazine's Top Military Friendly Employers for the last five years. GE has
dedicated a careers webpage to U.S. Military Veterans Careers and more than 35
recruiters participated in career fairs on military bases in 2007. Additionally, GE
offers an entry-level leadership program, Junior Officer Leadership Program,
designed specifically for military officers as well as supporting specialized
programs for reservists and guard called to active duty.
African American Forum
The AAF provides employees with mentors, seminars, networking, and career
discussion. The forum also contributes to the development of local African
American communities.
Asian Pacific American Forum
The APAF supports the Asian Pacific American community with a career
development network while promoting broader awareness of differences in Asian
and American cultures.
Hispanic Forum
The Hispanic Forum supports coaching, mentoring, role modeling and the
recruitment of Hispanic talent. It also reaches out to Hispanic communities with
service and corporate sponsorships.
GLBT Forum
GE's commitment to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender communities is
supported by the GLBT Forum, as well as our offering of benefits for domestic
Disaster Relief Fund
When lives are devastated by natural tragedies, the people of GE help to
rebuild. Read how resources like GE's Disaster Relief Fund are making a
Planet Paint Fest
Learn how the largest and most comprehensive volunteer effort in GE
Volunteers' history has transformed hundreds of the world's hospitals into
more colorful environments for healing.
ECOmmunity in Asia
Throughout Asia, GE's ECOmmunity aligned over 1,800 volunteers in river
cleanup, reforestation, and other expressions of ecomagination in action.
Learn more about our eco-friendly adventure.
Entrepreneurship and Employment Training for Youth in Indonesia
Global Education Partnership received a $575,000 from the GE Foundation
to expand an initiative aimed at fostering economic self-sufficiency
among low-income youth
Rebuilding Efforts in South Asia
The GE family remains committed to long-term recovery efforts focused on
re-building the lives and communities of the tsunami survivors.
GE Volunteers
For more than a century, volunteerism has been a vibrant part of GE’s culture. At
GE, giving back is both an individual employee activity as well as an
organizational effort. We coordinate our resources - including product donations,
matching gifts, grants, and volunteerism - to create responses tailored to local and
individual challenges. Today, the ultimate measure of GE’s business is found in the
improvements to the lives touched by our work.
• GE coordinates volunteer efforts company-wide by keeping a close eye on
societal needs and inviting all employees to build stronger communities
where we live and work. Our employees volunteer over 1 million hours of
community service every year, discovering opportunities through our online
Volunteer Portal or in their own neighborhoods. And during Global
Community Days, we coordinate our efforts company-wide to address urgent
projects around the world.
GE Volunteers Foundation
The GE Volunteers Foundation strengthens the communities where we live and
work by partnering with local charitable organizations worldwide to address key
needs and opportunities. Through hands-on commitment in more than 38 countries
and grants made possible through the donations of our GE family, the foundation
has supported senior centers, children with autism, literacy for low-income
communities, neglected urban spaces and many other worthy programs.
When you work at GE, you work with people who have a passion for excellence.
Their obsession with finding better ways to do things creates exhilarating work
environments. And to fulfill this desire, GE invests nearly $1 billion a year in
career development for employees.
Our boundless environment also supports "horizontal learning". Through GE's
professional communities and networking forums, people talk to each other and
share knowledge: sales people share leads; engineers share technologies; and
people share ideas resulting in great innovations.
Growth and Self-Direction
GE helps to map your career and move ahead. You'll have ongoing occasions
to learn from mentors and peers for dynamic career growth. You'll be
amazed at the fluidity with which you can move from challenge to challenge,
within a specific business or across businesses.
Performance Feedback and Coaching
GE is proud of its annual performance and career review processes. You'll
meet with your manager for feedback on your performance. Through
coaching and planning, your manager will help you shape an action plan to
achieve your short-term and long-term career goals.
Annual Human Resource Review
GE's annual Human Resources Review (Session C) gives managers a broad
view of the team — its strengths and its needs. By reviewing the group as a
whole, managers can identify ways to further each individual's career while
supporting the overall goals of the business. Session C is an essential part of
succession planning to ensure a pipeline of management talent for GE's
Mentoring is a developmental relationship that fosters personal and
professional growth. The best mentoring partnerships are formed when you
take the initiative. Talk to your peers, search out people with experience you
can learn from, and talk to your manager.
Managers are excellent resources for information about career development.
They've often been in the same position as you, and can provide valuable insight on
what you need to achieve your full potential
Ability Edge Internships
Ability Edge, a Career Edge program that serves as a national youth
internship strategy. This program offers six-, nine- and twelve month paid
internships to graduates with disabilities in effort for interns to gain work
experience, learning, coaching and networking. At GE since we believe the
value of diversity is that it promotes innovative thinking and more creative
ideas, the Ability Edge program is another avenue for GE to explore and
reinforce our commitment towards it.
Growth Prospective in GE
Professional growth: Capital Solutions learning culture
Employee personal and
professional development is the
key to our overall success. The
most important asset remains is
valued employees. Online,
classroom and one-on-one,
joining GE means joining a
culture of continuous learning,
where you have the opportunity
to reinvent yourself.
Development, training and leadership development: A Capital
Solutions priority
GE’s talented team of professionals is the cornerstone of its continuing
success. It’s a powerful mix of individual talents and collective
experiences that powers our growth. As a Global Employer of Choice,
Capital Solutions embraces the significance of employee training and
development. We strongly support GE training and development efforts
complemented with an impressive mix of Capital Solutions programs
and development tools to discover your potential…your future. There
are many GE and Capital Solutions resources, training and development
programs available to strengthen your overall development.
Global Organizational & Leadership Development (GOLD)
GOLD's vision is to help Capital Solutions exceed its business
objectives by driving performance through continuous learning and
development. GOLD strives to lead effective change management in the
areas of coaching managers, identifying training needs, conflict
management, team building, acquisitions integration and facilitating
"Voice of the Employee" improvements. GOLD is able to realize its
vision because of our people. The GOLD Team is a group of energetic,
passionate people who want to "steer" you on your road to success
through the gateway of continuous learning and development
experiences! The GOLD Team offers a robust curriculum for continuing
GE's success is driven by its abilities to obtain management-synergies across a
broad of businesses. It is one of the most deliberately managed businesses in the
world. It success is directly dependent on its creation of a process that produces
generation after generation of extremely capable executive leaders. Companies
without such a process will have a greater risk in following GE's strategies.
Drivers of GE's success
• The ability to select from among the best practices available the ones most
relevant to its immediate (2-6 year time horizon) needs,
• The ability to flawlessly implement these practices,
Most important - the ability to periodically change its formula of
management practices as new needs emerge - adopting new practices,
ruthlessly discarding the old formulas for success before they led to
weakened performance.
• GE knows better than most every company in the world how to manage the
life cycle of a business idea: put it in place, exploit it, and then abandon it.
• GE’s operating system, referred to as its ‘learning culture in action’, entails
year-round learning sessions where leaders from GE and outside companies
share intellectual capital and focus on generating the best ideas and
practices. Conversations about developing talent and reaching business
objectives are side-by-side so there is a continuous link.
• GE is very critical on their intake of talent and participates in behavioral
skills interviewing in order to predict behaviors moving forward, specifically
looking at how experiences people have had can translate back into GE.
• GE also offers intensive management training outside of its facilities through
leadership programs that maintain a curriculum for GE’s highest performing
employees. Beyond its sophisticated development system, its leaders are
groomed with depth and substance through simple and natural approaches
such as consistent ongoing dialogue and ingrained corporate values paired
with various assignments for on-the-job development.
Initiatives taken by GE
Imagination is the starting point for any kind of growth from GE’s view. “If you
want to drive a growth culture, you have to have imagination.”
Clear thinking, involves being able to transform those imaginative ideas into clear
business actions and to articulate clearly, and also be clear in terms of your
strategy and where you want the business to go.
Inclusiveness is particularly important for GE given its wide-reaching global
operations, but in any situation it helps to have people understand how their diverse
roles fit together within the overall business scheme.
As a direct offshoot of inclusiveness comes, external focus, which is being able to
expand your focus outwards.
It provides Quality of work life
The success of any organization depends on how it attracts recruits,
motivates, and retains its workforce. In order to develop their talented
workforce and gain their commitment GE address their work life issues.
The basic objectives of a QWL program are improved working
conditions for the employee and increase organizational
Providing quality work life involves taking care of the following
a) Occupational health care
b) Suitable working time: Organizations are offering flexible
work options to their employees wherein employees enjoy flexitimings for dedicating their efforts at work.
c) Appropriate salary: The appropriate as well as attractive
salary has always been an important factor in retaining employees.
Providing employees salary at par with the other counterparts of
above that what competitors are paying motivates them to stick
with the company for long.
Providing quality at work not only reduces attrition but also helps
in reduced absenteeism and improved job satisfaction.
Common beliefs support the contention that QWL will positively
nurture a more flexible, loyal, and motivated workforce, which are
essential in determining GE's competitiveness.
Transparent work culture
A transparent work environment can serve as one of the primary
triggers to facilitate accountability, trust, communication,
responsibility, pride and so on. It is believed that in a transparent
work culture employees rigorously communicate with their peers
and exchange ideas and thoughts before they are finally matured
in to full-blown concepts. It induces responsibility among
employees and accountability towards other peers, which
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