Importance of wisdom teeth treatment

Importance of wisdom teeth treatment
The human dentition normally includes 28 permanent teeth, which finish their
development at around 14 or 15 years of age. The eruption of the 4 wisdom teeth (or third
molars) occurs a little later, around 16 years old. The formation of the roots ends, as for
it, generally around the age of 21 years. It is possible that some people have fewer
wisdom teeth or even none at all. However, for those with these third molars, located at
the bottom of the dental arches, it is essential to pay special attention.
Why extract wisdom teeth?
From the Wisdom Teeth Extraction Houston point of view, there are different
hypotheses concerning the wisdom teeth issue:
Some people agree that, due to human evolution, the jaw bones are now shorter
and less bulky than before, leaving less space for the most common teeth to erupt.
the back of the jaws;
Most of people believe that changes in the use of our teeth and better dental health
mean that all our teeth stay in the mouth longer than before and that there is not
sufficient gap for wisdom teeth.
Anyway, due to the location of the Wisdom Teeth and the current shape of our jaws,
little space remains available to allow these teeth to come out and be in good position.
Extraction of wisdom teeth, or pulling out "eights"
Many of us are afraid of pulling out "eights", i.e. the Wisdom Teeth, mainly because of
the pain and complications that can be associated with surgery.
What is the procedure of pulling out "eights" like?
The condition to perform the procedure is to take a pantomographic picture, which will
show how the teeth are placed. This photo will show if the position of the teeth in the
gum is horizontal, vertical or skewed.
Before starting the procedure, the doctor orders a local anesthetic or a temporary
After removing the tooth, the doctor of Wisdom Tooth Extraction can put seams, which
will need to be removed after 7 days. After the procedure the patient should keep the
gauze and swab in place of the removed tooth, to stop the bleeding if necessary.
What after surgery?
Here are some recommendations of Wisdom Teeth Extraction Houston TX after
surgical removal of the tooth, which are worth using
• do not smoke for a min. 12 hours after surgery to avoid, among others bleeding;
• do not brush your teeth and do not use rinses for a minimum of 8 hours after the
• Brushing your teeth, try to avoid the broken tooth area. Take care of its hygiene
using a special solution of water with salt or lukewarm, warm water;
• After the procedure, there is almost always an edema that may increase after two
days. To minimize the risk of its occurrence, use cold compresses in the first 12
• after the treatment for at least 12 hours, avoid physical exercise ;
• Remember to drink a lot, but not necessarily thick drinks. If possible, start eating
normal meals. Sometimes it may be beneficial to eat ice-cream or cold yogurts.