Driving School

Driving School
South Island Driving School is Best Driving School. Our in class location is
brilliant and always kept clean, with a fun and upbeat vibe which remains
educational as we properly prepare our students to be the best and safest
drivers they can be. We always prepare for driving lessons and driving. We
have experts team to learn best driving.
Driving School
South Island Driving School is providing best driving lesson classes. Our courses
are available year round; we offer weekend classes, evening classes through
the fall and winter, 4 day holiday classes as well as week day courses
throughout the summer holidays. If you are unable to attend a session you can
always make it up at any point during a period of course.
Driving School
South Island Driving School Ltd. To insure you get the right training for your
needs, we suggest you discuss the course outline offered by the driving school
before making your choice. These documents explain details like:
Hours and type of Training
Receipt as proof of payment , and
An admission form allowing them to use your driver licence information
to book your road test.
Driving School
About Us –
Web - https://southislanddriving.ca/
Phone - +1 250-580-2471
Email - [email protected]
Address - 804 Royal Oak Avenue, Victoria, BC V8X 3T2
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