Elegant imported marble in India

Elegant imported marble in India
Elegant imported marble in India
Marble resemble for beauty, strength and status & appeal of this rock has remain in
existence for centuries. Imported marbles are imported from many countries like
Spain, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, China, Oman, Belgium and Switzerland. It can be altered
into classic facades, artifacts, counter tops, flooring, display areas, etc.
Elegant imported marble in India
Marble is quarried everywhere, it is closely resemble with Italy, where marble
formations have roots. Italy has finest marble, having stood the test of time in some
of the most famous places in the world. For centuries, Italian marble been given
shape into works of art by the famous artists, architects and designers and
the demand for Italian marble is high. Marble stones can be found in different areas
and in different countries, so what makes Italian marble special?
Elegant imported marble in India
The reputation earned by Italian marble is because of the quarries in Italy have
access to some of the best raw material in the world. Italian quarries also have the
highest standards for quality control – everything from selecting and cutting the
blocks to packaging and shipping is done with precision. Italian know-how in stone
processing and production of new manufacturing technologies, as well as in
innovation and design, is the added value that makes Italian marble competitive all
over the world today.
Elegant imported marble in India
The most popular Italian marble varieties are Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario. To the
less knowledgeable person, these stones may all look like the same type of white
marble. To confuse matters even more, Calacatta is quarried in Carrara, Italy. Here is
the description of the three types of marble:
Carrara marble is grayish-white . Although Cararra can have some large and dramatic
pattern of lines like Calacatta, it will also has many fine feathery lines.
Calacatta Marble
Large pattern of lines is a trademark of Calacatta and the patterns tend to be bigger
and bolder than Carrara. While Calacatta is defined by the beauty of its background,
it can have brown and gold undertones in it.
Elegant imported marble in India
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